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Reviews left by Shelflife

Wed, Nov 26 5:11 PM Shelflife review of The Mask (Remix) Chill out version by AirFlow
Bit spooky this! I have had my mix of Snowflakes "mask" on the hard drive for...
Wed, Nov 19 5:47 PM Shelflife review of Auto Motor Sport (Reha Mix) by keytronic
Great notes re mix to match a real mashup.
Wed, Nov 19 5:28 PM Shelflife review of Accepting Change by mykleanthony
Great blending of the vocals with the BT and as has been said wonderful to hear ...
Wed, Nov 19 5:25 PM Shelflife review of Feel The Ground Burn Under The White Of The Moon by Scott Altham
Its a bit daunting having to try and listen to all the Secret Mixer uploads but ...
Wed, Nov 19 5:00 PM Shelflife review of Secretly Go Wit Me by copperhead
Original and so well produced.
Wed, Nov 19 4:56 PM Shelflife review of A Reason To Smile by Pitx
Wed, Nov 19 4:52 PM Shelflife review of Leise rieselt der Schnee by pio
Wonderful guitar played with so much feeling. Many thanks for uploading this.
Tue, Nov 18 3:57 AM Shelflife review of Traveling by Geert Veneklaas
I am always hesitant about uploading my pellas as they all come from a personal ...
Thu, Nov 6 6:49 PM Shelflife review of Hold_On by Stefan Kartenberg
You can't beat a good shuffle especially when there's money and cards on the tab...
Thu, Nov 6 6:47 PM Shelflife review of Foolish Game (Treatment) by fourstones
For Christ's sake get yourself a pair of speakers! Just make sure you mix on ...
Thu, Nov 6 6:32 PM Shelflife review of The seed, the rain, the tree by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Glad you got in quickly as I changed my mind and added bass to my mix!! I hav...
Wed, Nov 5 4:13 PM Shelflife review of IF_I_could by TheJoe
I remember you!! I've changed my CCM clothes but you can still produce a mean...
Wed, Nov 5 3:38 AM Shelflife review of Foolish Game by reiswerk
Wonderful choice of vocal to go with the BT and great production values.
Tue, Nov 4 6:02 PM Shelflife review of Crank_it_up by Stefan Kartenberg
Really like the way you have put the sounds together and the vocal phrasing is f...
Sun, Nov 2 4:31 AM Shelflife review of Peace Around The World!!! by Stefan Kartenberg
I hope you were sitting in bed with a Japanese woman when you mixed this :O) ...