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Revlin (Reveling_John):

Reviews left by Revlin

Thu, Nov 25 12:35 AM Revlin review of If You Should Stumble by Admiral Bob
/hell /YEAH! Love the vibe from top to bottom. Beautiful transformation
Thu, Nov 25 12:24 AM Revlin review of D' Aubergine by panu
you're so awesome!
Thu, Nov 25 12:18 AM Revlin review of Piano Piece 5 by Darkroom
Beautiful, lo-fi texture. Love is in the arpeggiated guitar-strums on your sweet...
Wed, Nov 10 2:14 PM Revlin review of Penelope's Stand by Ivan Chew
Cool beans, Ivan. Neat to discover we both went for spoken word arrangements, ev...
Tue, Nov 9 10:04 AM Revlin review of Guit Riffs by Papa_Zulu
Would love to hear more about how you tweak the midi cc's and your synth to get ...
Mon, Nov 8 2:47 PM Revlin review of Unleash by AT
nice rhythms.
Mon, Nov 8 2:22 PM Revlin review of Bedtime Blues by Down With Ben
Smooth blue lullaby
Mon, Nov 8 2:20 PM Revlin review of What are you going to do/ Happy Mix. by J.Lang
Freakin hilarious. Beautifully executed mix
Sun, Nov 7 11:32 PM Revlin review of The Emperor and the Nightingale by Ivan Chew
This is the cartoon I dream about every night and in the morning all I can remem...
Sun, Nov 7 10:53 PM Revlin review of Heaven and Hell by PorchCat
Love it. Love it. Love it. A deep, deep trip.
Sun, Nov 7 10:48 PM Revlin review of A cat! On the porch! by DoKashiteru
I love your flow, Do. I downloaded your album on Jamendo a while ago and it basi...
Sun, Nov 7 10:39 PM Revlin review of M-A-S-K by Budapest BluesBoy
Cool jam, Karma. My bad on removing the source pieces, but I put back the one th...
Sun, Nov 7 10:35 PM Revlin review of Panu's instructions by Morusque
Freaky, awesome cut up. Brilliant working of the Panu word library. I like that ...
Sun, Oct 17 1:01 AM Revlin review of Splice, Cut, Slice by teru
eh-hm... this is um... ILL!
Tue, Oct 12 10:18 PM Revlin review of The Living Game by panu
you're so good. feels just perfect. I can't even say what it is, but you hit it ...