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Reviews left by reiswerk

Mon, Dec 14 11:21 AM reiswerk review of Shoot Me (Featuring Apoxode) by spinningmerkaba
Ennio Morricone would like it too.
Fri, Dec 4 12:33 PM reiswerk review of Head Full Of Mash by Speck
Wed, Nov 11 10:14 AM reiswerk review of Long Strange Track by septahelix
Like the drive and Melody! Thank you for using my samples.
Sun, Sep 20 11:27 AM reiswerk review of I'm Falling Dance Mix by J.Lang
Perfect clear sound!
Sun, Sep 20 11:23 AM reiswerk review of AEAEIOU by Speck
Remembers me at the Music in the Bar from Star Wars Episode 1. ;)))
Sun, Aug 9 1:05 PM reiswerk review of One Love, One Heart by texasradiofish
Really, really good! Love it!
Sat, Aug 1 11:38 AM reiswerk review of Don't You Think That I by J.Lang
Chill out club music!
Tue, Jun 9 1:02 PM reiswerk review of Look Up at the Sky by Apoxode
Mega mix! So many samples and still clear and tidy!
Sat, May 23 10:55 AM reiswerk review of What Are You Doing Here by Speck
Tue, May 12 1:53 PM reiswerk review of The Blue Remix File by JGSH616
Very pleasant to listen to!
Tue, May 12 1:36 PM reiswerk review of Lockdown by mykleanthony
I am very honored when YOU sing to my music! Thanks, I really appreciate it! ...
Mon, Apr 27 11:38 AM reiswerk review of Knowledge is The Power by mykleanthony
Powerful, harmonious with the vocals and great mix!