Reviews left by Patronski

Sat, Jan 22 10:44 AM Patronski review of GOTTA GO by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Love what you did with Gotta Go! Wrote this song a little over a year ago. A l...
Tue, May 26 3:36 PM Patronski review of A Minor Fourths by Admiral Bob
any chance you could do another bounce of the fully mixed track with a little mo...
Sun, Aug 19 8:12 AM Patronski review of Belly of the Biased Beast - Vocals by Kara Square
Strong. Forceful. Empowering.
Sun, Aug 19 8:12 AM Patronski review of now - vocals by SackJo22
In this Now I'm inspired to act -- listening your powerful vocals and lyrics.
Sun, Aug 19 8:11 AM Patronski review of Amplifier by Speck
Your lyrics speak to me -- and I feel the same way. What is the point of yelling...
Sun, Dec 27 10:08 AM Patronski review of Miracles (pell) by Snowflake
Thank you for this beautiful Christmas present. Your voice warms my heart and ...
Fri, Dec 12 10:05 AM Patronski review of love is by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for this polished mix Stefan! Your wonderful guitar work has made my sim...
Fri, Oct 31 9:29 AM Patronski review of Your Mask by Snowflake
Can't stop listening!
Tue, Oct 21 9:27 PM Patronski review of Just Beginning by copperhead
Just listened to this from my playlist and could not believe I have never writte...
Tue, Oct 14 9:56 PM Patronski review of Falling Leaves by Doxent Zsigmond
Tue, Oct 14 9:51 PM Patronski review of Twelve-String-Impro by Javolenus
inspiring.i'm a big fan.
Sun, Oct 12 9:20 AM Patronski review of I Can See by copperhead
Was so surprised while searching your files for a song to remix and saw this rem...
Thu, Oct 2 6:30 PM Patronski review of Space Invaders by Fronz Arp
Really enjoyed listening to your 4 most recent uploads. You have a fantastic vo...
Thu, Jul 10 10:46 AM Patronski review of Dysfunctional, baby by Admiral Bob
Great mix!! The day I can play guitar like that I will be a happy man.
Thu, Jul 10 10:39 AM Patronski review of Take It In by Zep Hurme
Beautiful! I am dizzy by the hypnotic combination of Sacjo22's lyrics and your ...