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Reviews left by Patronski

Tue, Oct 14 9:51 PM Patronski review of Twelve-String-Impro by Javolenus
inspiring.i'm a big fan.
Sun, Oct 12 9:20 AM Patronski review of I Can See by copperhead
Was so surprised while searching your files for a song to remix and saw this rem...
Thu, Oct 2 6:30 PM Patronski review of Space Invaders by Fronz Arp
Really enjoyed listening to your 4 most recent uploads. You have a fantastic vo...
Thu, Jul 10 10:46 AM Patronski review of Dysfunctional, baby by Admiral Bob
Great mix!! The day I can play guitar like that I will be a happy man.
Thu, Jul 10 10:39 AM Patronski review of Take It In by Zep Hurme
Beautiful! I am dizzy by the hypnotic combination of Sacjo22's lyrics and your ...
Thu, Jul 10 10:34 AM Patronski review of Say Goodbye by Zep Hurme
Well done! "Say Hello" to another great song by you!
Tue, Jul 8 10:14 AM Patronski review of I Can See (SAW mix) + stems by stellarartwars
Thank you for this great mix. I am always amazed what the incredible cc:mixter ...
Mon, Jun 30 5:39 PM Patronski review of What Used to Make Me Happy :-) by Loveshadow
OMG, I am not worthy!! You took something so simple and made it a work of art, ...
Sat, Jun 28 11:04 AM Patronski review of The Only Ones Alive by spinningmerkaba
very cool harmonies. diggin' the lyrics too. you've painted a vivid picture of y...
Thu, Feb 13 4:39 PM Patronski review of The New Year Collective by copperhead
So sorry, been a little crazy lately and just heard this. Love it!, Thanks for ...
Fri, Dec 27 10:17 AM Patronski review of Still Whispering by Snowflake
I can't think of a more beautiful gift than a re-mix of my song. I hope with my...
Wed, Nov 28 10:45 PM Patronski review of Winter Glow by Snowflake
What a beautiful song, who is the inspiration? Who is Loveis?
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