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Reviews left by Papa_Zulu

Sat, Jul 24 10:22 AM Papa_Zulu review of Do Androids Fall In Love (Part II of III, Ballistics of Love) by Ivan Chew
This is badass Ivan, and my favorite of the series. I think it brings together a...
Sat, Jul 24 10:17 AM Papa_Zulu review of Lick my wounds by Donnie Drost
Great arrangement and top notch guitar Donnie. Feels like a county tune with a b...
Tue, May 25 7:46 PM Papa_Zulu review of The UnicornĀ“s Dream by onlymeith
Beautiful arrangement, it feels like that moment right before the sun dips below...
Tue, May 25 7:17 PM Papa_Zulu review of Bone Shaking by PorchCat
Great production, feels like "jazz-hop" :o)
Tue, May 25 7:15 PM Papa_Zulu review of Our Heroes by Ivan Chew
Damn Ivan, ths is a great song, one of your best!
Fri, Apr 30 11:08 PM Papa_Zulu review of After the War (Vocals) by SackJo22
Nice Susan!! I made a metal tune right after I dl'd the vox. I've been stuck on ...
Thu, Apr 15 9:48 PM Papa_Zulu review of I Am by Subliminal
This is a loveley soundscape! The cadence reminds me of the ambient musics in th...
Wed, Mar 24 2:58 PM Papa_Zulu review of Promised Land by AT
This is a great arrangement to the vocals, well done! It feels contemporary and ...
Wed, Mar 24 2:40 PM Papa_Zulu review of After the War by SackJo22
Wow this song Kicks Ass(tm) The remix and arrangement was well done, and the ...
Sun, Mar 21 6:07 PM Papa_Zulu review of Ingredients by Grizzly616
Hey Grizz, I love how you can take one clip or loop and make a family of instrum...
Sun, Mar 21 12:57 PM Papa_Zulu review of Song Of Peace by Analog By Nature
Excellent production cdk, the midis help? :o) I really like the drums kicking...
Sun, Mar 21 12:28 PM Papa_Zulu review of Penelope's Stand by Ivan Chew
Wow great mix and arrangement Ivan. Your (real) guitar definately adds the epic ...
Mon, Mar 15 5:40 PM Papa_Zulu review of Wanna Show You (That it's a matter of time) by wellman
Love this mix, best way to sum it up is "refreshing!" Nice!
Sun, Feb 21 11:25 PM Papa_Zulu review of funky by copperhead
This is Grade A Funk! You have some killer hooks in there.
Sun, Feb 21 11:00 PM Papa_Zulu review of Of Secret Things by Ivan Chew
Nice vox Ivan, it sounds kinda Beatles-ish if that makes any sense!