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Promised Land

uploaded: Sat, Mar 20, 2010 @ 7:40 PM
FeaturingJacinda Espinosa
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So this is my first secret mixter and I was a bit worried about the whole thing. I was however very happy to get Jacinda— as her vocals are very much my cup of tea—but that lead to try to be all clever and generally I ended up messing everything up and failing miserably and then panicking as the days flew by and one idea after the other collapsed into a miserable slimy stinkin puddle of runny stuff at my feet—so scrapped my original idea and went with something that hope she will like and I am comfortable creating. I think im still going to keep working on the sample heavy track that hopefully will see the light of day one of these nights. Honestly though I really enjoyed this and really liked digging into Jacinda samples—my first secret mixter—-big thanks to Jacinda.

"Promised Land"
by AT

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