Time of Terror Remix Event

Reviews left by Numeron

Tue, Nov 20 9:19 AM Numeron review of Jingle Blues by Super_Sigil
Fabulous, so many unexpected twists and turns!
Tue, Nov 20 9:07 AM Numeron review of Mimicry by ifupdown
Deeeeep! Nice vocal treatment too, enjoyed this one
Fri, Nov 9 11:17 AM Numeron review of Your not going anywhere remix by zeitschleife by Zeitschleife
This has got a great stadium singalong feel - nice!
Fri, Nov 9 11:09 AM Numeron review of Little scene of grief and dream feat greg baumont by Wired Ant
Nice one, loving the dark industrial feel - kinda mid to late 80s perhaps?
Fri, Nov 9 10:27 AM Numeron review of Orfeo (Don't Look Back) by Javolenus
This is very cool Javo! I listened to it today at work and enjoyed it immensely ...
Tue, Nov 6 10:49 AM Numeron review of 8 Years (ccMixterism) by duckett
This is great, sounds like the classic early stuff on the legendary Mo' Wax labe...
Mon, Nov 5 11:59 PM Numeron review of It's ONly Love ! with BOCrew & Antiqcool by Loveshadow
Ha! Making a point has never sounded so smooth - nice work!
Mon, Nov 5 2:11 PM Numeron review of Ana by Zep Hurme
Diamonds on the soles of your shoes!
Mon, Nov 5 2:01 PM Numeron review of It could be? by Scomber
Man, Scomber you're really on fire at the moment - bottle whatever it is and sel...
Mon, Nov 5 11:42 AM Numeron review of Chance by TheDICE
Great stuff - I can't stop my head nodding from side to side!
Mon, Nov 5 11:30 AM Numeron review of All the things by phildann
As soon as I saw Kara had mentioned XX I had to give it a listen - and I wasn't ...
Mon, Nov 5 11:21 AM Numeron review of A Girl (like you?) by IDzeroNo
Is this the beginning of a viral marketing campaign for a new range of Izotope m...
Mon, Nov 5 11:15 AM Numeron review of I'm Feeling You by Zep Hurme
This really rocks! Lenny Kravitz comes to mind - nice!
Sun, Nov 4 6:52 AM Numeron review of Show Mercy at your Pleasure by Scomber
Real smooth and sophisticated
Sun, Nov 4 6:49 AM Numeron review of Stormby - Put The Needle Down by Stormby
Great production, sounds epic!