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Reviews left by Numeron

Thu, Sep 6 12:41 PM Numeron review of Something Blue (Harmonica) by Bluemillenium
You've interpreted the vocal perfectly, fantastic song, it sounds great
Thu, Sep 6 12:38 PM Numeron review of Lucky by TheDICE
Very nice, I've never heard the f-word sound so pleasant and poppy before! And K...
Thu, Sep 6 12:28 PM Numeron review of A Playful Cat Deformity by Scomber
Just perfect, impossible not to smile in a slightly deformed manner!
Thu, Sep 6 11:21 AM Numeron review of 35 years Multi Track Drums by copperhead
Absolutely wicked drum track!
Tue, Sep 4 12:56 PM Numeron review of For Heaven Sake by unreal_dm
Fantastic, heart-wrenching country music, the way it should be - sounds like it ...
Tue, Sep 4 12:32 PM Numeron review of When Winter Come by Javolenus
This is really moving, great job
Tue, Sep 4 11:35 AM Numeron review of Nadeya ( Club Mix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Fantastic track mate, top quality dance production!
Wed, Aug 29 2:40 PM Numeron review of Commercial Breaks and Deepfried Pans by annabloom
My ears feel so refreshed after listening to this - beautifully unusual, fresh a...
Tue, Aug 28 5:04 AM Numeron review of Unreal by tenpennyorchestra
Perfect! Is that a camel I see coming over the horizon....
Tue, Aug 28 5:01 AM Numeron review of For You, I'll Go There by Jeris
Get on the good foot!
Tue, Aug 28 4:59 AM Numeron review of Traffics Got to Stop (G's Mix) by Vidian
A great re-working of the vocal, it's got a touch of Depeche Mode about it now
Fri, Aug 24 1:43 PM Numeron review of SUNBIRDS by BOCrew
Can I be controversial here? Your hip-hop production skills are undeniable and I...
Fri, Aug 24 1:00 PM Numeron review of Always Home by radiotimes
Oh yeah, loved it from the opening bar! What a fantastic interpretation If you'r...
Fri, Aug 24 12:37 PM Numeron review of We Poor Labouring Men by Zep Hurme
I'm not going to write any more positive comments about your tracks because they...
Fri, Aug 24 12:30 PM Numeron review of Shadows Of You Feat Snowflake by Delusional Method
I think the chords and notes you selected for this work well because it gives it...