Momentum Secret Mixter Playlist

Reviews left by Mband

Thu, Dec 11 8:07 PM Mband review of Heroes [Hip Hop Mix] Omni Vist ft Suzi Q by Omni Vista
I love it. I was bouncing in my chair.
Mon, Jul 28 6:48 PM Mband review of Low (Ghostrust reflection) by _ghost
Love the tune. The use of the female vocals is perfect with the overall ambienc...
Mon, Jul 28 6:39 PM Mband review of For your own actions (Candy From A Baby #5) by dangerous_objects
Wow. Great remix. I think the dissonant elements actually give it character.
Mon, Jul 28 6:32 PM Mband review of Naluwan House (Happiness Mix) by anjibee
Nice mix. Great downtempo groove. The vocals are placed perfect, just down in ...
Fri, Jul 4 10:02 PM Mband review of THIS IS OUR MUSIC (Thruewiddit mix) by duckett
Totally original sound. Very very nice.
Thu, Jun 26 3:35 PM Mband review of It Was 1972 by Lasswell
Simply fantastic. A lot of craft went into making this one.
Fri, May 30 8:11 AM Mband review of "Westside" by pingnews
This tune rocks!
Thu, Mar 20 6:50 AM Mband review of Them Say _ Soul4Soul Remix by J.Lang
Nice old school beat J. Nice mix.
Thu, Feb 7 6:56 PM Mband review of NYC-OLD SCHOOL Bootleg MIX. by J.Lang
Great groove J. Real nice mix. I love the old school horn samples which are a ...
Fri, Feb 1 9:03 AM Mband review of What I Gotta Do by J.Lang
Nice Remix. You really synced the flow up.
Wed, Jan 30 2:20 PM Mband review of Lift me up by tkdsky
Very cool euro style techno tune.
Wed, Jan 30 11:02 AM Mband review of Called out on the bubble (embrace spontaneity mix) by plurgid
Excellent remix. You hit the pocket on this sample a lot better than I did. I ...
Wed, Jan 30 10:44 AM Mband review of Chop Suey Jazz (mutilated Boddyker mix) by shagrugge
I am just blown away. This mashup/remix is fantastic.
Tue, Jan 29 10:37 AM Mband review of Remixah Leejun* (ccMixter) BOOTLEG reMIX by J.Lang
Nice funky groove. Excellent tune.