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Reviews left by Mahadin

Fri, Dec 19 3:07 PM Mahadin review of Coming Home for Xmas (Tears for Andre) by ScOmBer
what a story behind all this! goes straight to the heart!
Fri, Dec 19 3:01 PM Mahadin review of April by calendargirl
Thanks for uploading this one! Its not by chance that so many people remixed you...
Fri, Dec 19 2:16 PM Mahadin review of Wired But Disconnected by duckett
yep, definitely some brilliant singing on this one! love it, going straight into...
Fri, Dec 19 2:07 PM Mahadin review of We Say It All by DoKashiteru
There is a wonderful peaceful flow in this one. I remember listening to somethin...
Fri, Dec 19 1:56 PM Mahadin review of Sunrise (unplugged) by Admiral Bob
Wow! Simply breathtaking your version. 1000 thumbs up!
Thu, Dec 18 1:14 AM Mahadin review of Dig Deep Mix by Lasswell
Love it! Sad it's your last track here. But you left us an impressive and divers...
Thu, Dec 18 1:07 AM Mahadin review of April (After the Rain Remix) by George_Ellinas
Wow, George, I'm impressed by your mix and I agree totaly with all comments abov...
Tue, Mar 18 3:53 AM Mahadin review of Awel by stefsax
very cool mix! love the dance-groove and of course the trumpets!!
Tue, Mar 18 3:32 AM Mahadin review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
this is *****ing amazing! love to know more about your technique doing this one!...
Tue, Mar 18 3:19 AM Mahadin review of Eye Magic Mix by Lasswell
what a wonderful tune!
Tue, Mar 18 3:10 AM Mahadin review of Midnight Theme (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
sounds really cool! great job.
Mon, Mar 17 9:00 AM Mahadin review of July (Mazal Tov ..!) by ditto ditto
really, really cool uplifting track!
Mon, Mar 17 7:54 AM Mahadin review of AG-SYS(the return) by Tomas PhUsIoN
yeah.... I could really feel my hunting instincts rising while listening this on...
Mon, Mar 17 4:27 AM Mahadin review of February..and fly the gazelle by ditto ditto
Wow.... your skills are trully breathtaking. Your work is by far some of the mos...
Mon, Mar 17 4:13 AM Mahadin review of Shadows ON 2U by Loveshadow
wow... I wish I had your mixing skills! great job....