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Reviews left by Mahadin

Tue, Mar 18 3:19 AM Mahadin review of Eye Magic Mix by Lasswell
what a wonderful tune!
Tue, Mar 18 3:10 AM Mahadin review of Midnight Theme (cdk mix) by cdk
sounds really cool! great job.
Mon, Mar 17 9:00 AM Mahadin review of July (Mazal Tov ..!) by ditto ditto
really, really cool uplifting track!
Mon, Mar 17 7:54 AM Mahadin review of AG-SYS(the return) by Tomas PhUsIoN
yeah.... I could really feel my hunting instincts rising while listening this on...
Mon, Mar 17 4:27 AM Mahadin review of February..and fly the gazelle by ditto ditto
Wow.... your skills are trully breathtaking. Your work is by far some of the mos...
Mon, Mar 17 4:13 AM Mahadin review of Shadows ON 2U by Loveshadow
wow... I wish I had your mixing skills! great job....
Mon, Mar 17 4:06 AM Mahadin review of Guessing Games by Y_Niazi
wow... this is trully excellent. whish I could play the piano like that!
Mon, Mar 17 3:59 AM Mahadin review of One by Y_Niazi
love your guitar work!! totally awesome... works great with the sexy bassline & ...
Mon, Mar 17 3:35 AM Mahadin review of The Incredible Joyfulness of Sentience by DJ Rkod
i could really feel the breeze on this one. laying in a hammock on the beach, a ...
Mon, Mar 17 3:08 AM Mahadin review of driving away from u by Fireproof_Babies
yes, indeed, there's a strange sensation to this one.... well done.
Mon, Mar 17 3:02 AM Mahadin review of All Things (Drama Mix) by vo1k1
nice pads and great use of the percussion.... really dreamy.
Tue, Mar 11 4:27 AM Mahadin review of ditto ditto by ditto ditto
a real summer hit! love this track!
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