Reviews left by mdp

Mon, Oct 24 1:45 AM mdp review of Broken (heart/dream) by septahelix
cool song
Thu, Sep 8 1:37 AM mdp review of simple Thingz by Vidian
nIcE DaNcE tUnE Mister V
Thu, Sep 8 1:05 AM mdp review of Hearing Her Smile by shockshadow
nice love song
Mon, Sep 5 1:08 AM mdp review of Twilight of the Cinema by septahelix
wow,beautiful fusion of melody and instruments
Sun, Sep 4 11:43 AM mdp review of Simple Things by Leza Boyland
Ha a new liza pell :) love it
Sat, Sep 3 10:45 AM mdp review of The Golden Calf by Hans Atom
nice work Hans love it
Fri, Sep 2 7:24 PM mdp review of I Miss You by Snowflake
sorry to say this but your voice sound so sexy
Sun, Jul 3 4:10 AM mdp review of Wet Cone at the Seafront by annabloom
nice mix
Sun, Jul 3 4:04 AM mdp review of Suggar Daddy by daniloprates
ha what a fun song nice vibe on it thanks for remixing Kj
Thu, Jun 16 7:07 AM mdp review of Red Light by HelenaJ
lovely vocals
Sun, Apr 3 12:10 PM mdp review of Still Stuck (feat. Mind Map That! & stefsax) by dotjot
Ha cool song
Sun, Apr 3 11:04 AM mdp review of every breath the world takes by urmymuse
really nice track
Sun, Mar 27 10:22 AM mdp review of El Embrujo by Abstract Audio
a outstanding track i like it
Sun, Mar 27 9:55 AM mdp review of You make me feel so good (irish4t Dubstep Remix) by irish4t
Cool dubstep song like it thanks:)
Sun, Mar 27 9:51 AM mdp review of The Boy Loves by SackJo22
Nice Song susan