lofi Summer Vibes Remixes

Reviews left by Levihica

Sat, Oct 11 2:20 PM Levihica review of Beautiful Mystery by unreal_dm
Is this country? Sounds really good. Nice job.
Sat, Oct 11 2:18 PM Levihica review of Estalactite by texasradiofish
Extremely far from what I call ordinary. Cool effects. Very nice.
Sat, Oct 11 7:45 AM Levihica review of Breakers yard and Graveyards by Shelflife
This is so original. It could be the theme song for a film. At first it threw me...
Sat, Oct 11 7:38 AM Levihica review of Now We Are One by Zep Hurme
Right away I knew this was a keeper. This is awesome. Sounds perfect. Vocals fit...
Sat, Oct 11 7:31 AM Levihica review of Kcentric - Dream Of You Feat Köddi by koeddi
This is very interesting. It's atmospheric, sexy, and love your vocals. Mysterio...
Sat, Oct 11 7:26 AM Levihica review of History & Chemistry (Peppered Pig Mix) + stems by stellarartwars
This is very cool. Love the groove. It's catchy, the drums are gorgeous and Susa...
Fri, Oct 10 1:57 PM Levihica review of Interstellar Noodle by Doxent Zsigmond
Very cool. Love textures. This is beautiful.
Fri, Oct 10 2:49 AM Levihica review of Faithless by Doxent Zsigmond
Awesome... reminds me of Bjork, very ethereal. Great job!
Thu, Oct 9 11:50 PM Levihica review of Two_4_Seven by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow nice, you did a great job.
Thu, Oct 9 11:48 PM Levihica review of Two 4 Seven Vocals by Loveshadow
What a cool voice. Very nice.
Thu, Oct 9 11:45 PM Levihica review of Memoirs by Aussens@iter
Todd Rundgren indeed. Has that bitter-sweet, nostalgic feel to it. I like a lot.
Thu, Oct 9 11:41 PM Levihica review of Hide and Seek (acoustic) by keytronic
Sweet song. The piano and guitar sound fantastic.
Thu, Oct 9 9:54 PM Levihica review of comfy and cushy final farmer mix by Stefan Kartenberg
This is pretty funny and sweet in a way. Love it.
Thu, Oct 9 8:41 PM Levihica review of Kcentric - Two Turntables And A Microphone Feat Köddi Plattenspieler und ein Mikrofon by koeddi
This one is also really cools. Love the sounds and that bass is great!
Thu, Oct 9 8:18 PM Levihica review of Kcentric - Play By The Rules Feat Köddi Nach den Regeln spielen by koeddi
Very cool.