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Reviews left by HaveMercy

Wed, Jun 27 1:38 AM HaveMercy review of Cold Caller (Vo1k1 Poem Mix) by vo1k1
Love it.
Tue, Jun 26 2:49 PM HaveMercy review of A New Now by Super_Sigil
Lovely atmosphere, especially the second half, and very nice vocal treatment.
Wed, Jun 20 12:34 PM HaveMercy review of Lost in my secret world by tethia
Lovely work and storytelling with moments that are out of this world. Your remix...
Sun, Jun 3 7:01 AM HaveMercy review of Dear Angel by Speck
Wow, strong work. You make it seem like the combinations of these different soun...
Thu, Apr 26 1:56 PM HaveMercy review of Flesh and Bones - Goldrunner remix by GOLDRUNNER
I love this kind of ear candy. Great stuff, gimme more. Ah, and i just saw Squ...
Thu, Mar 15 2:15 PM HaveMercy review of If You Wait (Anahitas Promise) by Loveshadow
and even later... Thanks much for this song. Very comforting (and oh so skillful...
Mon, Mar 12 3:29 AM HaveMercy review of The Savvy & The Chic Vol9: Continental *Album Compiled by Hektor Thillet* by TheSavvyAndTheChic
This makes me very proud too, seeing the company i'm in. Thanks for taking good ...
Wed, Feb 22 1:15 PM HaveMercy review of Start Each Day With Love by Alex
Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Chapeau.
Wed, Feb 22 1:07 PM HaveMercy review of Im Waiting 123--- by AT
Wow man, this is one super mix. I might actually go to the party if i knew they'...
Thu, Jan 26 12:32 AM HaveMercy review of Solstice Contemplation by duckett
Beautiful poetry.
Sat, Jan 7 2:20 PM HaveMercy review of THA CRASH by BOCrew
Love it, great atmosphere.
Wed, Jan 4 2:07 PM HaveMercy review of Bewildered (Tribute to Joe Cocker Mix) by 3rd attempt
Powerful and totally credible, love the structure.
Sat, Dec 24 2:52 PM HaveMercy review of Unbounded by RizKeyG
Good to find you here Peter with this very nice piece of work. Very smooth & mel...
Wed, Dec 21 11:54 AM HaveMercy review of Sixty Beans by Speck
Fantastic, very inspiring.
Sat, Dec 17 8:57 AM HaveMercy review of My Minutes by Robert Warrington
Somehow the lyrics and how they are sung they are heartbreaking to me. Beautiful...