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Reviews left by HEJ31

Mon, Aug 2 10:58 PM HEJ31 review of Too Young by Alex
I just listened to Snowflake's original upload. You did a great jod of reimagini...
Mon, Aug 2 10:53 PM HEJ31 review of Too Young (a tribute) by Snowflake
The song is very touching; very deep. Your singing is incredible. Really moving.
Wed, Jul 14 12:02 PM HEJ31 review of Untethered by SackJo22
Limpid beauty. Great use of samples.
Wed, Jul 7 2:07 PM HEJ31 review of Did you love me by Hans Atom
I love this. Teenage pablum turned to symphonic melodrama.
Wed, Jul 7 1:33 PM HEJ31 review of Hourglass by Admiral Bob
Killer mandolin.
Mon, Jul 5 1:01 AM HEJ31 review of Tingle Tongue by gurdonark
Nice melody. Somewhat Zappaesq. Something makes me think of early electronic com...
Fri, Jun 25 1:49 PM HEJ31 review of stars above by penston
For some reason, I didn't get a notification that my track was used in this. Onl...
Sun, Jun 20 11:52 PM HEJ31 review of When You Hold The Grooves and Let Them Into the Dark Spaces by SackJo22
This is a sensual setting of a beautifully recited poem(s) of erotic memory. The...
Wed, Jun 9 11:17 PM HEJ31 review of Rescue Me by Internal Faith Relation
Excellent. Oh...that chorus...
Wed, Jun 9 11:04 PM HEJ31 review of Whiskey Down (The Hidden Blues) by SackJo22
Very good lyric and delivery. A great track all around.
Tue, May 18 11:17 PM HEJ31 review of With The Light by The.Spirit.Of.Light
Beautiful; soulful; sonically full; not mechanical sounding at all.
Wed, Mar 24 1:46 PM HEJ31 review of After The War!! by mykleanthony
Great. Powerful and Heavy. I don't hear this kind of reggae so much these days. ...
Sun, Mar 21 9:56 PM HEJ31 review of After the War by SackJo22
Great ideas here. Thank you falettin me be mice elf, but I do agree that there s...
Tue, Feb 2 11:12 PM HEJ31 review of Her_Sacred_Space_in_Debussy_mood by magmavander
A piece inspired by Debussy, but not mimiking Debussy. I suppose it's the cor an...
Tue, Feb 2 11:00 PM HEJ31 review of Sackjo22_-_Man_of_the_Shadows-MaGmiX by magmavander
There is a nice pulse along with the angular chords and bass line. Melancholy an...