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Reviews left by DJ.E-State

Thu, Dec 10 8:33 AM DJ.E-State review of Forensic - Put It In Rhyme (DjiZrmx) by Kwame
Such low tempo, but you managed to cope with it really well, sounds VERY consist...
Fri, Nov 6 10:23 AM DJ.E-State review of MENTAL IMAGES / ESSENTIAL ELEMENT by BOCrew
Aaaight!! Solar hip-hop flows, eddi should like it! Nice done, hommie
Sun, Oct 18 5:07 PM DJ.E-State review of slow role by grapes
OMG what a brilliant fit between the vocal style and and a beat. Perfecto!!!
Sun, Oct 18 8:19 AM DJ.E-State review of BACK TO THE FUTURE / pt2 B SIDE by BOCrew
Like backing chorus vocals here and smooth beat structure.
Sun, Oct 18 8:15 AM DJ.E-State review of MURDERA / KILLA EDIT by BOCrew
I'm IN LOVE with this intro and the whole track has some old wu-fam flavour!
Sun, Oct 18 8:06 AM DJ.E-State review of Murderer by Alex
Powerful track, reminds me of Nas
Sat, Oct 3 5:19 PM DJ.E-State review of THESE MCS / B-SIDE Dirty EDIT by BOCrew
this hardcore beat style fits pella's mood perfectly
Wed, Jul 22 6:03 PM DJ.E-State review of Deep in ya self DjiZ RmX by Kwame
Man, my congs with this edpick after 4 years.. gorgeous!!!
Fri, Jul 17 8:51 PM DJ.E-State review of Mr Bartenda by FORENSIC
Mm.... loveliest pella, tight, hot and absolutely rhytmic!
Mon, Jul 13 4:49 PM DJ.E-State review of Back To The Future by Alex
Agree with Hi_Stakes - this is the type of beat that should be going along with ...
Sat, Jul 11 12:34 PM DJ.E-State review of ONE Thousand Bars PT1 by BOCrew
not only duckett but I also missed this.. certified wu bangaz track!! up]
Sat, Jul 11 12:28 PM DJ.E-State review of Delorean by J.Lang
This one was impossible not to remix...
Sun, Jun 28 11:47 PM DJ.E-State review of Covered by fourstones
Yes, this is lovely remix. And the pads you added over the guitar create complet...
Sat, Jun 27 2:28 PM DJ.E-State review of I WANT TO SHOUT OUT (jayp remix) by jayp
Perfect, I really like it, very jazzy!
Mon, Apr 13 9:10 PM DJ.E-State review of Still Hustlin (RaJAh Remix) by emptypenz
perfect use of nice jewish sample!!!! In best Ill Bill's traditions!