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Fri, Feb 18 3:41 AM DJ.E-State review of Past, Present by Kruzzial
wow wow wow here I feel Energy!!
Sun, Sep 26 7:22 AM DJ.E-State review of Life Is Strange by The Mulletz
I also tried this vocal for a couple of hiphop tracks and may be this is not wha...
Sun, Sep 19 4:23 AM DJ.E-State review of Q - Take a look at me now - DjiZ remix by Kwame
yees, I like this style!!!
Mon, May 3 6:10 PM DJ.E-State review of Nothin like this before (ciggivision vibe) by shagrugge
tha sickest beat
Sat, May 1 7:01 PM DJ.E-State review of SAINT SEIYA by Bocrew
i like female's 'uhu' so muuch.. just in the right place right sound!! also like...
Fri, Apr 30 9:29 PM DJ.E-State review of A TRIBUTE TO MAKKROSS by Bocrew
what can I say... I'm just a fan of your beats style and this beat is a distinct...
Sun, Apr 25 7:26 PM DJ.E-State review of two worlds distance (grounds on fire) by PhinkTink
like it! drumline, pianos, vocal.. all nicely combined and put together, good w...
Sun, Apr 25 3:57 PM DJ.E-State review of el ciclo by turkdirty
your 'fun' sounds cool!!
Tue, Apr 20 1:53 PM DJ.E-State review of NOTHING LIKE THIS / A SIDE by Bocrew
top class production as always
Mon, Apr 5 8:51 AM DJ.E-State review of Had A Vision by Blake
I imagine hearing it live in a club with live instruments.. oh that would be so ...
Sun, Apr 4 1:55 PM DJ.E-State review of Where Do We Go... by Citizen Nyx
very nice music, love it
Sun, Mar 28 8:27 PM DJ.E-State review of INGREDIENT by Bocrew
awesome beat, homie!
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