Break the Silence Event-extended!

Reviews left by DoKashiteru

Sat, Sep 13 4:47 AM DoKashiteru review of Go Wit Me gMix (Some Samples from Soundsnap) by gdrori
I hear the idea here, but the timing's a little iffy. If you fixed that, this co...
Sat, Sep 13 4:45 AM DoKashiteru review of Brad's Vybe by MC Jack in the Box
Great job - I love the combination of these two vocals, and the orchestration is...
Thu, Sep 4 9:10 AM DoKashiteru review of 260808 loops pins 01 by Morusque
Eeexcellent! Great samples and loops here!
Wed, Sep 3 1:34 PM DoKashiteru review of Wataru Lights by morgantj
Oh, wow - this is really, really well done. Awesome!
Sat, Aug 30 4:29 AM DoKashiteru review of Slinky by Mana Junkie
Man, if I were MC Jack in the Box, I'd have a hard time keeping this week's Cool...
Sat, Aug 30 4:23 AM DoKashiteru review of Que Pena (unexpected DnB frenzy mix) by kulimu
Very cool! The only thing I'd suggest is to bring the bass down a little bit - y...
Sat, Aug 30 4:22 AM DoKashiteru review of WE R 1 by Loveshadow
Awesome! Great use of samples, great beats, and man, those strings...I love this...
Fri, Aug 29 6:14 AM DoKashiteru review of Moment by Pitx
Man, I love your guitar playing so much. I only wish this went on longer! :D
Thu, Aug 28 1:48 PM DoKashiteru review of Jealousy (4nsix mix) by MF Vicious
Really interesting idea and really nice execution! The double-time (or however f...
Thu, Aug 28 7:31 AM DoKashiteru review of Eighteen pieces by Admiral Bob
Oooh, this is nice...very useful tracks here, beautifully played and put togethe...
Thu, Aug 28 7:28 AM DoKashiteru review of BARS by J.Lang
Whoa! Whoa. Whoa? Whoa! I think that covers it. Everything fits together like.....
Wed, Aug 27 4:11 PM DoKashiteru review of "Saying goodnight" loop by Ivan Chew
Excellent! I'm going to start something with this right now.
Wed, Aug 27 12:42 PM DoKashiteru review of Apocalypse by DJ.E-State
This is cool! The instruments are crazily thick, and the voices make me do a sor...
Tue, Aug 26 10:33 AM DoKashiteru review of We Are In Love (Red Sky Lullaby Remix) by Red Sky Lullaby
Oooh - I don't think I've heard anything quite like this before. It's really goo...
Tue, Aug 26 5:43 AM DoKashiteru review of The Anchor Mejans Band Live ( Bootleg Version) by radiotimes
This is so much fun!