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Reviews left by coruscate

Sun, Dec 22 6:00 PM coruscate review of Crisp Clap Drum by Dr_J_Lamprey
Thanks for your contribution to the site!
Sun, Dec 22 4:56 PM coruscate review of A Little Christmas Music by Lena Orsa
I really like this one. Question what key is this in?
Sun, Dec 22 4:25 PM coruscate review of Wonder Drums by PorchCat
I love finding beats that have a lot of activity on them. This one is nice and t...
Sun, Dec 22 4:23 PM coruscate review of Bubble Of Happiness by Andrew Wainwright
hey I really wanted to say that this is a joyous, happy rap song about the holid...
Sat, Dec 21 2:17 PM coruscate review of IRS Scam Voicemail by texasradiofish
quirky things like this make awesome samples to work phone. I've got an idea to ...
Fri, Dec 20 4:59 AM coruscate review of Can't Hold It Back (How it is) by Admiral Bob
As always I LOVE your samples. I'm trying to get into music theory again... woul...
Wed, May 13 2:30 AM coruscate review of Fight To Survive by MissJudged
The rapper in me likes this one the most. I've laid it out and am deciding how t...
Sun, May 10 1:48 AM coruscate review of It's The Weather by Speck
It haunts me in my dreams as well... what a nice cacaphonic mix I love it!
Sun, Mar 22 3:58 AM coruscate review of A Phrenic Friends by AUptic
How did no one notice this gem? Please do come back and share some more please!
Sun, Mar 22 1:14 AM coruscate review of El Paraíso Perdido (Paradise Lost) by nas hedron
CRAZY COOL! My style of music yeah!!!
Sat, Mar 21 8:09 PM coruscate review of Video Movie Game by geoffpeters
It's a pleasure to find a CCMixter whom I haven't remixed yet that has floated s...
Thu, Mar 19 12:20 AM coruscate review of Love & Remember (Vocals) by SackJo22
As always, I love your pieces. Today is the second time I've remixed your song, ...