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emergency xxx

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emergency ( Bm 110bpm)

v1 a brand new year has just begun
to stamp its lesson on our hearts
another trip around the sun
a time for learning
a hot wind blows and fires burn
weather patterns off the charts
every disaster film ignores the science as it starts

chorus this is an emergency
break the glass
stamp out the fires
rebuild and rise from the ash

we’ve known for too long
that a temperature rise of two degrees
would melt the glaciers
and raise the level of the seas
drowning coastal cities
spilling over the sea walls
survival hangs in the balance
common sense calls


what is this space between us
why does it take so long
to undo the greed and buying things we don’t need
to right what is so wrong
damn the corporations
whose motives are corrupt
they starve and steal and cheat and lie
they deserve to go bankrupt



"emergency xxx"
by panu

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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