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Rise Up!

uploaded: Fri, Feb 7, 2020 @ 1:07 PM last modified: Fri, Feb 7, 2020 @ 8:39 PM  (replace)
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Is this in the spirit? If not, OK to de-tag it. As you can tell, I’m still a bit PO’ed about things here in the USA, but I’m convinced they are contributory to the problem at large.

It’s here as a pell, but I included the rough mix as the preview because I needed the rock feel to do it. Multitrack MIDI file included with the STEMs. Key of G.

Rise up, y’all!

Lyrics (cc)BY D A Ayer 2020-02-05

She slaved three whole years adding fuel to the pyre,
then Miss America set herself on fire:
tired of soaking in a tub full of bile and spite,
she asked the devil himself if he’d give her a light;
[she] left a shapely stain on his bathroom wall
for him to ogle as he waited for the ash to fall.
Rise up!
She’s gonna rise up!
Rise up!

The dragon lies seething on top of his hoard
and tries to torch every thing that he still can’t afford
since gold’s the only coin of the realm he rules
with his army of fear-stoked, slack-brained fools
splashing cans of hatred over dreams of yore
when men owned men and called Justice a whore.
Rise up!
We’re all gonna rise up!
Rise up!

Now nothing lasts forever, not even this
fat, reeking excuse for a foul-mouthed kiss
on the lips of a Liberty gagged and bound
while Truth’s body is dragged through the streets of town.
So let’s hammer the nose off this emperor’s bust
‘cause he can’t burn a phoenix down, it’ll just…
rise up!
Rise up!
Rise up!

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems and MIDI

  • /riseUp-002_SoloGuit.flac (4.31MB)
  • /riseUp-003_Bass.flac (5.18MB)
  • /riseUp-004_Kit.flac (11.28MB)
  • /riseUp.mid (8.82KB)
  • /riseUp02-001_VoxFX.flac (4.69MB)
  • /riseUp02-005_Mic01Trimmed.flac (3.75MB)
  • /riseUp02-006_Mic02Trimmed.flac (4.19MB)

"Rise Up!"
by Mr_Yesterday

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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