Reviews left by CiggiBurns

Sun, Jul 13 3:29 AM CiggiBurns review of Shearwaters by robwalkerpoet
Speck's said it for me.
Sat, Jul 12 11:03 AM CiggiBurns review of Garnet Wine .... by VickyDan
Belle, riche, texturé musique, Dan, qui transmet le rythme de la mer. Un de vos...
Sat, Jul 12 9:02 AM CiggiBurns review of Melt Away (Vocals) by Kara Square
Fantastic vocal, Kara. The sound quality on this is to die for (as usual) and I ...
Sat, Jul 12 8:58 AM CiggiBurns review of Melt Away by Kara Square
What a fabulous atmosphere you, Javolenus and The Admiral create together - so s...
Sat, Jul 12 8:36 AM CiggiBurns review of You Help Me Take It In by Kara Square
This is sensational with Susan's spoken piece and the fullness and richness of t...
Fri, Jul 11 4:46 PM CiggiBurns review of da Brum pella by panu
Thoughtful, relevant lyrics with a wise message - your forte. You're in excellen...
Thu, Jul 10 7:47 AM CiggiBurns review of Say Goodbye by Zep Hurme
Chunky, crunchy and gritty. It's got attitude! And, yes, Emily always shines.
Thu, Jul 10 7:42 AM CiggiBurns review of Oh My Beloved Oddness by Speck
Gosh, you are mixing up some beautiful, heart-squeezing mood pieces lately, Spec...
Thu, Jul 10 7:37 AM CiggiBurns review of Nearly Never Was by unreal_dm
Nearly never was? Well I'm glad it actually is! Cool track, UD.
Thu, Jul 10 7:33 AM CiggiBurns review of Take it In by SackJo22
I think I've said this several times before but I am constantly impressed by you...
Tue, Jul 8 5:01 PM CiggiBurns review of sparrow in an airport by robwalkerpoet
Don't we all always want more? Beautiful, Rob.
Tue, Jul 8 4:58 PM CiggiBurns review of nor egrets by robwalkerpoet
As elegant as an egret.
Tue, Jul 8 4:56 PM CiggiBurns review of 69 - Isn't it good? by robwalkerpoet
It is good! I'd like this playing while I sit under a starry sky with a glass of...
Tue, Jul 8 4:52 PM CiggiBurns review of TraLa by Admiral Bob
This is such a lovely song by Susan that it's a real pleasure to hear it handled...
Tue, Jul 8 4:46 PM CiggiBurns review of Destroy The Shadows by Alex
Funkadelic for sure. A very punchy mix of Kara's excellent pell.