Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Briareus

Sat, Jan 20 10:14 PM Briareus review of Listen, Pay Attention, Keep Your Head Up by teru
Awesome!. Love the way the sax ties it all together. Easy 5.
Tue, Jan 9 9:51 AM Briareus review of Hollow Heart by Vidian
Echo that - very nice mix-n-match.
Sun, Nov 19 3:49 PM Briareus review of President by gillies
Nice. I like what you've done with this.
Fri, Oct 20 6:55 AM Briareus review of See Y'all Soon (folly mix) by PorchCat
Heavenly mix. Love the percussion track.
Thu, Oct 5 1:10 PM Briareus review of Freedom Is by Hundred Schools Of Thought
Nice mix. Moves right along with a nice trip hop feel to the vocals.
Sun, Oct 1 7:41 AM Briareus review of Hunger (lonelimix) by PorchCat
Nice beat. I like the treatment of Melissa's vocal. Is it just pitch shift or a ...
Tue, Sep 26 1:51 PM Briareus review of Grave Lament by PorchCat
Wow! I'm all twisted up in my Aeron chair. Where did I leave my medication...
Tue, Sep 26 12:52 PM Briareus review of Tu Corazon Lounge Mix by Klaus_N
Nice guitar work. Gets a five for sure. Tall, tan, young and lovely...
Sun, Sep 24 6:15 PM Briareus review of I Wonder by Tomas PhUsIoN
Nice! A little house, a little chill. I'm surprised by the heavy beat, but it wo...
Sat, Sep 23 8:09 AM Briareus review of I.Wonder.Today by narva9
I agree with BeeAge. This deserves more than a 3. There are lots of possibilitie...
Tue, Sep 12 11:45 AM Briareus review of Tu corazón by SilviaO
Another nice contribution. Well done.
Sat, Aug 12 10:09 AM Briareus review of kanariya (Vocals) by darkcries323
Beautiful vocal work - I remixed it right away - awesome post. Thanks for sharin...