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Reviews left by Bluemillenium

Sun, Apr 5 11:04 PM Bluemillenium review of Coming Home by Snowflake
clean and precise production and song. The modern use of the sidechain is effect...
Sun, Apr 5 11:01 PM Bluemillenium review of An Abundance Of Riches / A Minor Threat (with Reiswerk) by Subliminal
113/5000 an excellent track to savor without moderation. at 1.33 a vocoder voice...
Sun, Apr 5 10:52 PM Bluemillenium review of always walking by Stefan Kartenberg
Hello , excellent musical and sound work. Bravo for this unique piece, it's gr...
Sun, Apr 5 10:50 PM Bluemillenium review of dance like nobody's watching by panu
Mr. Panu, you still manage to impress us ,. It's a great mix of genre and sound,...
Sun, Apr 5 10:45 PM Bluemillenium review of I Float On (featuring Snowflake) by Speck
un grand respect pour votre travail de mélange, c'est absolument magique et ple...
Sun, Apr 5 10:40 PM Bluemillenium review of Stayin' at Home (feat. Duckett) by Kara Square
a true story, in true music, the life of confinement is rich thanks to you
Sun, Apr 5 10:33 PM Bluemillenium review of The Time Within by Carosone
Bravo pour votre mixage frais et agréable à entendre.
Sun, Apr 5 10:30 PM Bluemillenium review of Sitting in the empty house by Siobhan Dakay
great production Apoxode Siobahn, magic duo, it's absolutely great. Bravo for t...
Sun, Apr 5 10:23 PM Bluemillenium review of Bread of Heaven (a Parallel Us-Universe Space-Hymn) Speck re-mix by Anchor
Du grand Anchor
Sun, Apr 5 10:22 PM Bluemillenium review of Gravity and Grace (with My Free Mickey) by SackJo22
Well done, glad you heard your voice on this mix. Courage to you and thank you f...
Sun, Apr 5 10:16 PM Bluemillenium review of the hike by shimoda
yes !! Good musical history
Sun, Apr 5 10:14 PM Bluemillenium review of Where Nothing Feels Wrong by spinningmerkaba
161/5000 I really like, big up in the spatialization of sound, very successful i...
Sun, Apr 5 1:56 AM Bluemillenium review of isolate by Scomber
Oh really too good !!! You give me immense pleasure this morning, with your tit...
Wed, Feb 12 6:52 AM Bluemillenium review of The Phoenix Rises by Apoxode
Feutré, reposant, j'aime beaucoup. Bravo
Wed, Feb 12 6:50 AM Bluemillenium review of Earth Is Burning by raja_ffm
Félicitation, c'est superbement travaillé