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Reviews left by Apoxode

Mon, Aug 24 9:54 AM Apoxode review of am i too late by panu
Wow, panu, your accompaniment is amazing, you have a wide range of instrumentati...
Mon, Aug 24 9:51 AM Apoxode review of Salsa Lenta by Speck
Bright remix, great choice of accompanying instruments. Sounds good slowed down,...
Sat, Aug 22 7:19 PM Apoxode review of tikket to ride by BeatMachine
Very nice, well done groove :) Couple of things: "gtr9" is silent, and did yo...
Tue, Aug 18 3:47 PM Apoxode review of Live your Truth by Silkwords
This is fantastic, I was just thinking about how you were holding up in all of t...
Tue, Aug 18 3:41 PM Apoxode review of synth-drums-guitar xxx by panu
Very pretty, panu :)
Tue, Aug 18 2:22 AM Apoxode review of 2020 08 17 perc loop 01 by Morusque
Short but sweet :) Any chance of setting this as ccPlus?
Wed, Aug 12 9:48 AM Apoxode review of you by Skye Jordan
Please upload the stems for this track.
Wed, Aug 12 9:44 AM Apoxode review of Nut Salve by Speck
I'm fascinated by how you created the sax accompaniment. When you say you conver...
Mon, Aug 10 2:03 PM Apoxode review of Proxedion by MalreDeszik
For these types of uploads, they have to be submitted as "samples". This is Not ...
Mon, Aug 10 1:59 PM Apoxode review of Snowflake Dragonfly(Ruslan) by Ruslan_777
This needs to be marked as a remix, and you have to give credit to Snowflake ("D...
Wed, Aug 5 5:16 PM Apoxode review of sweet shop pell by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice, I was hoping you'd put both takes up ;)
Mon, Aug 3 7:47 AM Apoxode review of 2. The Rainbow Stars IN THE TALE OF JULY by PEK12
Very nice, this is also a beautiful work :)
Mon, Aug 3 7:46 AM Apoxode review of 1. I FOUND YOU in the tale of July by PEK12
This is wonderful, you have a pretty voice and an elegance to your writing :)
Mon, Aug 3 7:43 AM Apoxode review of The Daily Grind by Convertor
Wow, this is a fun remix, it has a 70s vibe to it I really like :)
Mon, Aug 3 7:37 AM Apoxode review of AI are picking at our strings by MikeTheBee
Unique approach to Kara's song, and a good use of Convertor's string sample. ...