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Reviews left by Apoxode

Fri, Jan 10 4:59 AM Apoxode review of Schizophrenic Overture by Whitewolf
Hi-energy DnB, well done!
Fri, Jan 10 4:31 AM Apoxode review of Focus on Love by Scomber
This is amazing, Scomber, how you pulled bits from Braided Loops is genius. Kara...
Thu, Jan 9 3:30 AM Apoxode review of Discman Woes by Speck
Wonderful jam, a journey of music. Digging it a lot :) The synths play well with...
Tue, Jan 7 10:08 PM Apoxode review of Live in Brooklyn (Stain Bar, 2020 edit): March 30, 2007 by afieled
please mark as NSFW
Sat, Jan 4 11:28 AM Apoxode review of Sound Pack 2 by coruscate
Wow! Field recording mania :)
Sat, Jan 4 11:03 AM Apoxode review of Ninjas In Your Attic (Full Construction Kit) by coruscate
Well arranged, this is a pretty cool track! The "Sampling Plus" license is tr...
Sat, Jan 4 10:40 AM Apoxode review of 2019 Retrospective by Speck
Nicely done, I'm feeling it :) Your vocal choices and placement are always geni...
Mon, Dec 30 4:23 PM Apoxode review of building a song by Martin Cee (softmartin)
LOL - "next the third verse, doesn't matter what it's about, it's just a filler"...
Sat, Dec 28 7:19 PM Apoxode review of A Match Is Lit by coruscate
Interesting and creative use of the different samples! Thank you for including ...
Fri, Dec 27 12:14 PM Apoxode review of Modern Saturnalia by septahelix
Nice! Love the volume gapping as well as the vocal effects, cool Orbital/Aphex v...
Fri, Dec 27 12:07 PM Apoxode review of Techno Tube by Nicholas Bruce
Very cool and mellow! I think if you increase the volume of your preview by 600%...
Thu, Dec 19 1:07 PM Apoxode review of Holiday Time by Kara Square
I so agree! No gifts, just memories :)
Thu, Dec 19 1:03 PM Apoxode review of brittle kings by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice and pensive experbient remix!
Tue, Dec 17 2:57 PM Apoxode review of Chimney Creep by Speck
Awesome, a sinister take on a holiday favorite -- Kara sounds great. Choice cuts...
Tue, Dec 17 12:41 AM Apoxode review of Liberty Stains by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice, relaxing groove, good for the head :)