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Reviews left by Apoxode

Sun, Mar 22 11:35 AM Apoxode review of Modest Grams by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very well done, your bass work (and its eq) are a great fit for the mood.
Sat, Mar 21 8:31 AM Apoxode review of It is sad to be alone at home by Stefan Kartenberg
This is a very sobering perspective on what's happening globally. I can almost r...
Sat, Mar 21 8:22 AM Apoxode review of Numbers by Kara Square
Wow, this captures the present quite succinctly, I know I'm obsessed with all th...
Sat, Mar 21 8:18 AM Apoxode review of Song for hikers by Stefan Kartenberg
Sweet, pastoral and uplifting -- it inspires a longing for the outdoors :)
Sat, Mar 21 8:07 AM Apoxode review of Menarost Ringtone by AlexPiLion
We need you to upload the stems separated out for this loop to qualify it as a s...
Sat, Mar 21 8:03 AM Apoxode review of Jan And Archy's Top Groove by Speck
Moves nicely with a swagger. Cool remix!
Sat, Mar 21 8:01 AM Apoxode review of Mind Wolf by septahelix
Rollin' !!! This is awesome, septahelix, Kara sounds amazing :)
Sat, Mar 21 7:44 AM Apoxode review of Sonatina for Piano and Cello by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Beautiful, your cello just makes it better :) Perfect for somber videos I think,...
Fri, Mar 20 7:11 PM Apoxode review of Pandemic by millaze
This is wonderful, thank you for sharing the stems with us :)
Thu, Mar 19 8:46 AM Apoxode review of Thunder & Rain Inst. & Construction Kits by coruscate
Very boss sounds, well mixed, can't wait to dive in :)
Thu, Mar 19 8:44 AM Apoxode review of MEGAMIX - Fire, Rain & Healing by coruscate
This is incredible, coruscate! I always fell weird listening to my own voice, bu...
Thu, Mar 19 8:30 AM Apoxode review of Cosmic Turtle by septahelix
Nice, solid mellage throughout -- great mixing, too!
Thu, Mar 19 8:20 AM Apoxode review of Ultra Lights by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautiful and uplifting :) I especially like the balance of strings/flute/guitar...
Sun, Mar 15 2:12 PM Apoxode review of Sweet smoke just a joke by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautifully done, Javolenus' track pops with brilliance!
Fri, Mar 13 9:20 AM Apoxode review of We Rise by Briareus
Cool remix, good choice for vocals :) Also credit: Kara Square - We Rise