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Reviews left by Anomaly_Jonez

Fri, Jan 29 3:53 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Sore Throat by Fireproof_Babies
Really good tempo and nice laid back groove. I really liked the drums.
Wed, Jan 27 6:14 AM Anomaly_Jonez review of Curtain Call for Paradise by MikeTheBee
this site is awesome, I never thought of this song in such a classy classical ma...
Tue, Jan 26 8:50 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Can Anybody (Tell me Why) by flexbarker
soooo groovy and funky and then you add that wondeful voice and it's an instant ...
Tue, Jan 26 8:34 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Terra Amazonia by rocavaco
really cool track, riffled with creativness. love the breakdowns and build ups s...
Tue, Jan 26 8:31 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Firebird by Tomaas
very interesting, love the sounds and resolution. good job.
Tue, Jan 26 8:24 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Danger by Tomaas
lovely..just the funky melodic soup I was looking for to just chill to..this is ...
Tue, Jan 26 8:09 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Out of it (Dutch version) by Geert Veneklaas
great mix, i think this is a very good pella and you brought out the best in it....
Tue, Jan 26 8:06 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Out of It vocals by brad sucks
really cool...love your voice..
Tue, Jan 26 7:57 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Rubin Drew - Title TBD 8 by shagrugge
great track, had to come and give it a listen. Airtone did a great job on this, ...
Tue, Jan 26 7:55 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of just a fish at the super wallmart by airtone
wow a wild ride, this just had me a gasp the whole time, couldn't multi-task wi...
Tue, Jan 26 5:58 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Power (chill mix) by Zapac
very nice, chill and of course powerful. lovely vocals.
Tue, Jan 26 5:49 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Crossing the Pond by logos
great tempo, love the drums and when the vocals sample came in it just completed...
Tue, Jan 26 5:46 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of Transitional Moment by Scott Altham
very nice piece, very cinematic, perfect for chill out vibe. good job.
Tue, Jan 26 7:55 AM Anomaly_Jonez review of Trippie Eleison by andrasf
This is kinda funky and groovy, nice samples. good job.
Mon, Jan 25 6:55 PM Anomaly_Jonez review of It Mattered To Me by panu
I feel like I just meeting you for the first time, thanks for being patient with...