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Terra Amazonia

uploaded: Sun, Jan 3, 2010 @ 8:33 AM
FeaturingPanu Moon and Anchor Méjans
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Sustainability - for me means to use our environment with care and to save our valuable resources also for our children. The rainforests are such a valuable resource and destroying them is a crime against all people on earth. I would be happy if everybody who hears this song even thinks just one minute about sustainability.

Update - story text only:
* Prologue:
Panu and Anchor walking through the jungle, enjoying the nature and listening to the frio-frio birds.
* Scene 1:
The wood mafia is entering the forest with their huge and loud machines ready to chop everything that looks like a tree.
* Scene 2:
Panu and Anchor bravely stop them and tell them to pause and have a look at the wonderful nature round them and to think about sustainability.
* Scene 3:
The woodchoppers think a moment, realize the tragedy and leave the jungle with a loud roar.
* Epilogue:
The frio-frio man can be heard again, calling all the beautiful frio-frio girls…

This mix starts with some jungle “grooves”, mainly the frio-frio bird and millions of insects. Then the band is marching into the jungle with an Axé rythm. For the slow Samba in the middle I synchronized the cicada sounds with the beat (not much work, they are chirring like a natural metronome). In the third part the samba bateria is leaving the jungle and it is as peaceful (although not less loud) as in the beginning.

Thanks to Panu Moon and Anchor Méjans for the very useful sample.

If you plan to use this remix for the biodiesel conference please don’t add this text - but it is a concern that I have to say: In my opinion it is wrong to make fuel out of food. President Lula da Silva’s plan to produce biofuel also for export is another big danger for the rainforests. It is just one of the last efforts to keep alive an outdated technology. Save the nature, not the cars!

"Terra Amazonia"
by rocavaco

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