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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Tue, Apr 3 6:16 AM Alex review of MMTMMP 9 An Endless Winter... Or is it? by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
Me too! Glad to be in!!! Thanks Kara!
Fri, Mar 30 9:42 AM Alex review of Soul wants to Grow by Snowflake
All I can say is - it's very very beautiful!!!!!!
Sat, Mar 24 11:09 PM Alex review of Spiritus Contra Spiritum by Super_Sigil
Glad you are back S! Sounds really very good and it's nice to be a part of it!...
Thu, Mar 22 8:28 AM Alex review of Suddenly Invisible by panu
Thanks for this Panu! I knew you two where cooking something, but didn't know wh...
Thu, Mar 22 8:24 AM Alex review of Nothing Much Ahead by CiggiBurns
I had to laugh with shrunken head, large ears and thread-thin neck, cause I pict...
Sun, Mar 18 10:01 AM Alex review of I Am Music (feat. debbizo) by Wired Ant
Great electronic track! It goes beautifully with Deb's pell! Enjoyed it a lot
Sat, Mar 17 8:30 AM Alex review of Love by CSoul
Very gentle, exotic, easy flowing and peaceful soundscape! Beautiful!!!!!!!
Mon, Mar 12 3:14 AM Alex review of DanGeroUs cHanGe by Dysfunction_AL
Very nicely done DA! Very catchy and realy very good!!! btw it's not mykleanton...
Sun, Mar 11 11:53 AM Alex review of The Savvy & The Chic Vol9: Continental *Album Compiled by Hektor Thillet* by TheSavvyAndTheChic
All I can say is that I'm very proud to be a part of it! Many thanks Hektor!!!
Sat, Mar 10 5:42 AM Alex review of Broken Needs by unreal_dm
Tue, Feb 28 8:08 AM Alex review of Enter and survive This Cage - Instrumental (feat.Alex) by Wired Ant
I have to thank you for this wonderful piece Mr.Ant!!! Love what you've done her...
Mon, Feb 20 9:05 AM Alex review of Each Day by Dysfunction_AL
Well, I agree with all said above! It works very well, and it's just a great mi...
Mon, Feb 20 8:49 AM Alex review of Piece of Me by mykleanthony
Beautifully done Mykle! Hope you'll upload the pell... I know some people who w...
Mon, Feb 20 8:38 AM Alex review of make a free song by urmymuse
Well, this really rocks!!! Awesome guitar job, as always
Mon, Feb 20 8:36 AM Alex review of Fell out of the Sky by Jeris
I'm not surprised... Jeris can handle anything!!!! Awesome