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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Fri, Aug 24 6:59 AM Alex review of Old Man's Fancy by Zep Hurme
You two should definitely release an album together ;) Great stuff Zep
Tue, Aug 14 5:41 AM Alex review of TMK 46.1 by The Mixin' Kitchen (w/SackJo22)
Very glad to be included! Thanks Susan!
Tue, Aug 14 5:38 AM Alex review of Ants on Orcs (feat. AlexBeroza) by Wired Ant
Oh man, I love what you did here! Killer mix and very epic indeed Many thanks ...
Sun, Jul 29 10:17 AM Alex review of Burn On Through by CSoul
What I really like about your music, is that you go very deep in it and always t...
Sun, Jul 29 9:53 AM Alex review of music biz today by urmymuse
The wall of guitars is great! I like your version a lot Funny, we had just th...
Fri, Jul 20 10:09 AM Alex review of This cage by Hans Atom
Uh! This is really very intence! Great one Hans
Mon, Jul 16 1:19 PM Alex review of The Fighter by Steven M Bryant
Thanks for the invitation Steve! It's a real pleasure to be a part of this, caus...
Sat, Jul 14 12:15 PM Alex review of I Apologize by Steven M Bryant
Man, you are unstoppable ;) Beautiful melody, and a very nice lyrics! I like it...
Sat, Jul 14 12:11 PM Alex review of All For Free by Donnie Ozone
Another great songwriting Donnie!!! Like it a lot
Sat, Jul 14 12:10 PM Alex review of CCMixter (We are not evil) by Abstract Audio
Very powerfull stuff here!!! Man, it's so strong!!! Yeah, we are not evil Love...
Fri, Jul 13 7:24 AM Alex review of Free Music! by Steven M Bryant
Great writing again! Congrats on the ed pick very well deserved!!!
Wed, Jul 11 11:03 AM Alex review of Girl Next Door by Steven M Bryant
Great ballad!!! How could you come up with lyrics so quick? Love it man!!!
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