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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Mon, Nov 5 3:41 AM Alex review of I'm Feeling You by Zep Hurme
You rocked it out Zep and gave me an idea... ;)
Mon, Nov 5 3:36 AM Alex review of Seven(New Music Remix) by bwatts
I like it Thanks for the remix!!!
Mon, Nov 5 3:33 AM Alex review of Haters by Adrian Rowe
Really like the changes you've made, and your additions are just right It has a...
Tue, Oct 16 11:23 PM Alex review of Embrace The Taste (Rap) by Donnie Ozone
You did a very fine job, Donnie! I'm very happy with our colab! Thanks again!
Tue, Oct 16 12:31 PM Alex review of White Collar Blues by Javolenus
Just listened to unreal dm's mix! Love your singing on this J
Tue, Oct 16 12:28 PM Alex review of White Collar Blues by unreal_dm
Wow! Fantastic song! Great playing as usual
Mon, Oct 15 10:30 AM Alex review of It's Up to You(Bullets & Borders) by Loveshadow
Beautiful and moving... Glad to be in a such good company! Thanks!!!
Mon, Oct 15 10:27 AM Alex review of Crazy Life by Steven M Bryant
Thanks for another great song
Sun, Sep 16 8:03 AM Alex review of Closer Now (Get Funky Mix) by Snowflake
Great mix S Love it!!! And just as some others, cant wait to put my hand on th...
Sun, Sep 16 3:38 AM Alex review of Living next door to Alex by rocavaco
Love what you've done here R!!! Lots of work you've put in I guess! Knowing you...
Sun, Sep 9 4:17 AM Alex review of Hey Cinderella by Steven M Bryant
Love it And a very big thanks for the remix!!!
Tue, Sep 4 7:20 AM Alex review of Haters! by Steven M Bryant
Love the lyrics man!!!! Really! Thanks for the remix and for a brand new song, ...
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