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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Sun, Jun 17 3:30 AM Alex review of Like A Sycamore by Snowflake
Simply beautiful!!!
Sun, Jun 17 1:01 AM Alex review of Blue Bottle by Calling Sister Midnight
Very nice vibe indeed! A real pleasure to listen to! Love that "fly" touch ;) B...
Sat, Jun 16 10:27 AM Alex review of One Wish by Steven M Bryant
Another great one! And another reason to be proud! Many thanks for doing it Stev...
Sat, Jun 16 10:22 AM Alex review of Two Hearts One Love by Steven M Bryant
What a nice surprise! You did it again man lol!!! Nice! Very nice in fact. Love...
Sun, Jun 10 9:53 PM Alex review of Two Men Enter One Man Leave by Steven M Bryant
Great songwriting Steven! It's nice to hear another fine song of yours, and nic...
Sat, Jun 2 11:23 PM Alex review of Blinded By You by Platinum Butterfly
The simplicity works beautifully here! Sounds great Nice work on vocals!!!
Sat, Jun 2 9:13 AM Alex review of A Heart With Your Name On It by Kara Square
Such a beautiful song! Love the melody!!! Agree with Per... It's just great as ...
Sun, May 20 10:45 PM Alex review of Ostensibly Ordinary Fetters 1 by CSoul
Nicely done! I really like the way you connect the samples. And it always sounds...
Fri, May 18 8:37 AM Alex review of Aphrodite Before Me by Platinum Butterfly
Beautiful! Very nicely done, Frank! Glad you're back btw!
Mon, Apr 30 1:03 PM Alex review of Dance It, Dance All by Geert Veneklaas
Beautifully done Geert! Love the riffs and the drive of the song! Strong one L...
Tue, Apr 24 11:04 AM Alex review of Shine (Shiny Remix) by Hans Atom
Wrong chords? No way man! It's a very high quality pop song And a very beautifu...
Sat, Apr 7 10:11 AM Alex review of Countdown (ThunkMix) by duckett
It's a damn fine hip-hop here Mr. D
Sat, Apr 7 9:48 AM Alex review of Segway Suicide by Scomber_JNR
Well, It's certainly genetic ;) But... you have your own vision and your own way...
Sat, Apr 7 7:37 AM Alex review of If You Wait For Me by Scott Altham
Well, it would be nice if you would stick around or at least pass by a little mo...
Thu, Apr 5 5:18 AM Alex review of Where you are by radiotimes
Very glad your'e back RT!!! Great music as usual