Music for Healing

Music4Healing photo by Trevor Hooper
Photo by Trevor Hooper, University of Utah Student

“Music for Healing” is a collaboration between and the University of Utah Schools of Medicine, Music, Business, Lassonde Entrepenur Institute and Marriott Library – to facilitate the creation of a new collection of music that focuses on healing while also supporting patients and their families. Read more details, learn more in our forums, read the press release, and visit the U of U website about the project.

How do you participate?

1. Sign-Up at  Create your alias, your avatar (image 93x93 pixels) and your profile. Sign-up or Login. Please use Facebook login or a gmail email address (don't use addresses).

2. Record stems.  A song, spoken word, instrumental, or field recording. Must be your original or in public domain. No effects preferred. All stems must be recorded separately. Suggested genres are: ambient-nature, classical, cinematic, healing themed lyrics or poetry. U of U students? Schedule a recording session HERE and download THIS with detailed instructions on how to prepare.

3. Upload A cappellas (sung or spoken). Samples (instrumental, orchestral, nature sounds, choral, etc). Upload a full track preview (128k MP3) with all stems as separate tracks (FLAC). Must be your original or in public domain. Attribute any other artists you include. Watch a short tutorial vid HERE.

4. Choose your Creative Commons license. CC BY NC allows non-commercial collaboration with Attribution. Check the ccPlus box to be eligible for inclusion on albums and other curations. Learn about CC licenses and watch a short tutorial vid HERE.

Then enjoy the magic! Listen to pells and samples contributed by others and provide feedback. Check out remixes as they come in. Feel the connection to other creators around the globe. Open your heart to the healing power music provides.

Email us with any questions. Please use the hashtag #music4healing in social media!

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