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How I Did It

All I Need-teru-remix
by teru
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Tue, Sep 6, 2005 @ 3:41 PM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

FL Studio, FL pan-o-matic, Slayer 2, Echo.
Audacity, Audacity compressor.

Samples I Used

Ft. rap by J. Gomes. Courtesey of J. Lang.


Bassline- Slayer Fretless w/FL pan-o-matic.
Drum- Bass/snare/hat looped and heavily compressed in Audacity.
Rap- Tempo changed 93 to 104BPM. Also used FL pan-o-matic and echo in parts.

Other Notes

I think applying the pan-o-matic to the bassline was a mistake. Works really well for the vocals though. : )