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This week’s victim is Wolf by SackJo22. Mangling started with dropping Susan’s voice 2 steps into Detroit quiet storm range. To create an R&B feel, twelve bars of music were mapped to 8 bars of Susan’s 120 bpm singing (we have used this technique several times).

To further mangle the pell, vocal phrases were stripped out or repeated to flow mo’ better with drums, bass and piano.

The next step was the blind fold test. ElRon recorded arched top guitar tracks without hearing the vocal.

Guitar was laid under the vocals and minor tweaks made to minimize collisions. The guitar tracked the vocals better than expected. The guitar lead was a slam dunk since there are no vocal to step on.

To increase the drive during the outro guitar lead, cowbell was added to reenforce the snare back beat. A search of ccmixter samples yielded Rocavaco’s alpine bells. Isolated and extracted a single cowbell hit from Roca’s sample, tuned it to Bb and pasted it on top of the snare.

Synthesizers, strings, trombones, brass and a howling wolf were added for color. Harmonica leads were added for uniqueness. The harmonica lines remind me ever so slightly of Eivets Rednow although it is a blues harpoon and not a chromatic harmonica.
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