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Hey 2016

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Big thanks to unreal_dm for his song shaped song (which I can’t do), inspiring me to write and sing.

Hey 2016 you tricky son of a bitch
you made me think we were doing one thing
then you pulled a drastic switch

I thought maybe we were making advances
at least in choosing figure heads
but you fooled me you bastard
and we’re going backwards instead

and where is god
and what is aleppo
and who’s side are we on
can we believe the intel they tell us
oh can we believe anyone

The price of medicine has gone sky high
they don’t give a damn if you die
The price of phones I guess is pretty much the same
still not worth it and they might go up in flame

Hey 2016 what the hell
I’d like to sing something hopeful
but I feel like we all just fell

with our hair-trigger outrage
that’s never resolved
we argue on our page
and no one’s absolved
We all think we’re right
by which I mean correct
you’re obviously not right
if you lean to the left

Hey 2016 so divisive
at least you gave some of us legal weed
Hey 2016, so indecisive
not so sure that that’s the cure we need

"Hey 2016"
by Speck

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