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Spectrum Analysis Episode 6 Clips

uploaded: Mon, Nov 5, 2007 @ 5:46 PM
byBen Shewmaker
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These are short clips I edited out from my podcast, Spectrum Analysis. These come from episode 6.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Adam Check Check Check.wav (198.21KB)
  • /Adam Something Comforting in Analog White Noise.wav (298.06KB)
  • /Adam That's the Essence of Life.wav (200.59KB)
  • /Adam Yeah its Virtual.wav (170.92KB)
  • /Ben And Larry Sing.wav (1.17MB)
  • /Ben I Would Argue Cheese is good Sometimes.wav (400.04KB)
  • /Ben Im the Host Dont Know What to Say.wav (476.16KB)
  • /Ben Sing 123.wav (1.03MB)
  • /Ben Welcome for Tuning in To.wav (1.06MB)
  • /Ben Well And Um.wav (118.84KB)
  • /Larry Boop Boop Beeop Boop.wav (441.97KB)
  • /Larry Breath Out.wav (78.49KB)
  • /Larry Breath Out 2.wav (301.20KB)
  • /Larry Humurous Outakes on the DVD.wav (525.38KB)
  • /Larry I Dont Have Time to Work on Other Stuff.wav (269.88KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 1.wav (1.03MB)
  • /Larry Laugh 2.wav (721.08KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 3.wav (191.02KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 4.wav (237.56KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 5.wav (171.75KB)
  • /Larry MmHmm.wav (82.31KB)
  • /Larry Moan.wav (124.35KB)
  • /Larry Neeaaah.wav (142.43KB)
  • /Larry Reordering the Polynomials.wav (229.81KB)
  • /Larry Snort.wav (102.45KB)
  • /Larry So We Are Gonna Edit This Out.wav (769.30KB)
  • /Larry The Language of Love.wav (444.67KB)
  • /Larry We're Already Getting Down to Love.wav (307.23KB)

"Spectrum Analysis Episode 6 Clips"
by Ben Shewmaker

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