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I know

uploaded: Mon, Nov 30, 2009 @ 7:41 PM
FeaturingFivestar, Neurowaxx and St Paul
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I know.

I know I don’t know you very well
but I know your touch
I know your smell

I know that I’m a little bit younger
a little bit more confused
a little more into you
(I know)

(Whoa I know Whoa)

I know that things don’t quite add up
so smoothly
kisses don’t always come
forth to sooth me
I know that I can run around in circles
little sprints can turn to hurdles

I know I wont pause
to feel the sunshine on my face
not enough
in your embrace
around the corner
from your place

I wanna show
I wanna love you

Whoa I know oh oh
Whoa I know
but I wanna show
Whoa I know
but I wanna show
I know but I want to love you

I stepped outside myself today
I’m ok
I can’t count on tomorrow
but there’s no tomorrow
I’m living in a dream
and if I find another way;
- then I’ll stay

I know your not the type who wants to marry
No I’m not the father of the child you carry
I know you got no time for insecurity
I need to put my mind at ease
and let you what ever will be
I know

Whoa I know
Whoa I know
but I wanna show
I know that I want love you
Whoa I know
Whoa I know
but I wanna show
I know that I want love you
I know that I want love you

Scomber x

"I know"
by ScOmBer

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

All I know is that Scomber has taken a group of seemingly random source tracks from the archive and crafted this amazing piece of songwriting. Let this show aspiring songwriters and vocalists how ccmixter can inspire new songs through the contributions of the various source artists in the archive. This I know.

MC Jack in the Box

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