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uploaded: Mon, Nov 6, 2017 @ 9:40 AM last modified: Mon, Nov 6, 2017 @ 2:05 PM  (add)
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Imagine for a moment a castle built of ice more majestic than anything else in the realm far beyond the wall. Wrapped around the top is a dragon that breathes blue flames. Riding upon it is it’s master who carries a spear that looks like a shard of glass.

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Contents of ZIP Archive: SamplePak

  • /Crystaline/flac/01-Electribe-consolidated.flac (6.39MB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/03-moog 1-consolidated.flac (3.90MB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/04-moog 2-consolidated.flac (305.44KB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/05-synth 1-consolidated.flac (1.94MB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/06-synth 2-consolidated.flac (1.44MB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/07-bell_rez synth 3-consolidated.flac (113.91KB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/08-wailing Synth 4-consolidated.flac (2.36MB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/09-pyramid Synth 5-consolidated.flac (576.50KB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/10-Lead Synth (Flute)-consolidated.flac (1.01MB)
  • /Crystaline/flac/11-synth (pad)-consolidated.flac (2.45MB)
  • /Crystaline/midi/20-midi-consolidated.mid (6.17KB)
  • /Crystaline/midi/20-midi-consolidated-01.mid (6.17KB)
  • /Crystaline/midi/20-midi-consolidated-02.mid (6.17KB)
  • /Crystaline/midi/21-midi.MID (833)
  • /Crystaline/midi/23-midi.MID (259)
  • /Crystaline/midi/24-midi.MID (1.37KB)
  • /Crystaline/midi/midi-22.MID (606)
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Editorial pick

New age at its finest.”Crystalline-ElvenGlass DragonsFire” is a fantastic mix made by Xalpheric.
With SackJo22 and Queeniemusic on vocals the track is flowing like a slow river.

Stefan Kartenberg