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tHE -pSYChO reMIX kiIla

uploaded: Wed, Dec 19, 2007 @ 5:00 PM
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a spooky winter thriller.

A dark figure is on the loose and one night he tries to gain false entry to one of his heroes gigs but fails, with evil consequences.

a small card is found on his victims which simply reads:
`there can be only one of us !’

beware he might be coming to a page near you :-(

Note: added an NSFW cat to this personally i dont think it needs and anyway you should be working
` have you finished that report yet ? .. on my desk by 9 tommorow’

anyway it’s there now as i dont want to risk any more of those scary calling cards :-(

"tHE -pSYChO reMIX kiIla"
by Loveshadow

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