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today is saturday the 13th of august 2022. with this song i have probably overdone myself. production-wise and arrangement-wise. but i am impatient. it is like it is. not so good.

but the song fits well to my mood.

i don’t know what i was dreaming. it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t exceptionally bad either. otherwise i would have remembered it.

i think i have to turn up the volume on this song.

the chords are once again from asking alexandria. i don’t remember which song, or which clef. i think the original bpm was 150.

this remix is in a minor and is 102 bpm fast or slow.

by the way i’m working on getting my ffmi over 30. no strength training just fat melting training. so my 18 year muscles just stay as they are and my fat shrinks.

i am a beast, i admit that openly. yesterday i saw on tiktok a feminine young man with rouge on his cheeks and pink lips injected with something with monstrous upper arms. probably injected with oil.

and i thought of you what you think.

but i don’t care.

wenn mir noch was einfällt, schreibe ich es hier rein.

if I think of anything else, I’ll write it in here.

Drought! Englishmen hoard drinking water

“We urge everyone to control water consumption,” said the chairman of the relevant body, Harvey Bradshaw. He said the Environment Agency and water suppliers were stepping up measures to combat water shortages and would continue to pursue their “drought plans,” such as banning the use of garden hoses. However, Bradshaw also stressed that “essential water supplies are safe.”

And the drought is also reflected in shopping behavior: the English are hoarding drinking water without end! In many places, one sees empty supermarket shelves, the fear of water shortage is spreading.

Thousands of households without water
Almost simultaneously, Thames Water, Britain’s largest water utility, today issued an urgent warning to its customers. Because: thousands ran out of water.

The company warned customers in North London, Oxfordshire and Surrey about low pressure and dry taps. People were promised rationed water bottles if needed.

Across France, this summer’s drought is historic. Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne last week spoke of the worst drought the country has ever experienced. She set up a crisis team to manage the water supply. More than a hundred communities are already getting water delivered in tankers because they have exhausted their groundwater supplies. Their number could double to 200 by the end of August, as a fourth heat wave is expected to hit the country by the end of the week. The prefect of the northern part of Corsica warned that his region would run out of water by the end of August if savings were not made.

now i’m fine again. what i foresaw over the years is now slowly coming to pass.

it gives me great pleasure to see the world go to ruin. it lifts my spirits.

the earth is perishing and people don’t even notice it. they talk about heat and that it was hot in the past. but at least there was water to drink in the past.:)

and in the usa, the headlines in the media are that mafia bodies are coming to the surface in lake mead because of the drought. but not that the american dream is on very shaky ground because of the lack of drinking water.

and it’s not getting any better. i predict that.

i’m tired but this is awesome.

let’s have a ccmixter special event. we’ll all get together and do sitins and free love and demonstrate for the environment and for all the minorities a human mind can think of.

and we meditate of course. let indie rock bands play revolutionary songs.

or we cling to our cowboy hats, go quietly to the donald trump shrine in the house. listen to old recordings of the messiah of modern times saying: at least climate change will mean more beachfront property.

oh no, when i look at you, i don’t cry a tear for this humanity.

and now i do something against my fat. i want to get my ffmi to 30. without steroids and anabolic steroids, which is almost impossible according to scientists. but i’m already at 29. you see i also have plans.:)


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