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See You On The Other Side (Utah-Remix)

uploaded: Tue, May 5, 2015 @ 8:25 AM
FeaturingNicole Eiting & the astronauts of the Apollo spacemissions to the Moon
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Ambient soundscape mixed with parts of transmissions of several Apollo-missions. This is a project I started in 2010 but abandoned. It seemed too complicated. I had downloaded several hours of Apollo-radiotransmissions to pick out the pieces where the astronauts broke protocol and expressed amazement by things they saw. I planned to do a kind of ‘radiodrama’ with pictures about an imaginary ‘lost mission’ that discovered lifeforms on the moon. I was not satisfied with the track however and forgot about it. In 2013 I listened to a part of it and I really liked the soothing quality of the static and ‘beeps’. I kept some of the ‘dialogue’ and added new synths. I remixed it again in May 2015, adding an ‘incoming’ radiomessage from earth, a quote from Plato by Nicole Eiting (University of Utah). I edited it so it sounds likes she’s speaking together with a child.

"See You On The Other Side (Utah-Remix)"
by DjoeGio

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