Somewhere Over the Border

Editors' Picks

Winter Light

Listen to this joyful winter love song to bring in your New Year and remind you of the beauty in life. Snowflake’s vocal additions and remix of Dysfunction_Al’s pop rock instrumental radiate with happiness.
Kara Square

The Ghosts Are Here

For anyone who finds themselves reminiscing about the past this holiday season… for anyone longing for someone who has left the living… for anyone who has loved, lost, and been stuck with regret… push play and commiserate. With stunning vocals and lyrics by Ciggi Burns and a breathtaking backing track by Siobhan Dakay, this is here is a must listen.
Kara Square

Merry Christmas, CCMixter

This track from TRF is a blast! The inspiration is inspirational, the production is flawless, and gosh darn it I’d buy the CD if it weren’t free for the downloading here on ccMixter.

The perfect antidote for the Holiday Blah’s… . .



Some people just have it.

Just like Blue Sevvin and Sleeperspaceborn.



The Concept of Energy shares a wonderfully dark urban arrangement of Snowflake’s Acceptance complete with lofi background noise and gutsy blues background vocal.

dark rose

Transcendent loveliness!

The huge talents of Loveshadow and sleeperspaceborn sailing on a sea of guitars.

It's Time

DysfunctionAL delivers the Big Beat!

A big phatt electronic Euro club beat featuring Veta Sky’s inaugural contribution, It’s Time.

Jingle Bells

Looking for Christmas-Swing? Well, you just found it. Bells, a Children-Chorus and SackJo22’s voice make this one a very enjoyable song to listen, toe-tap and sing along.


For tone, touch, taste & sheer empathetic rock Grok this track holds it’s own with anything recorded in the genre in the past 30 years or so. Steven & unreal_dm get gnarly on it…


We are small

Yes… It’s rare to Ed Pick a sample upload. But this is that rare instance where the artist touches the infinite with his heart and draws us to the simple truth.



Stefan Kartenberg’s sensitive, heartfelt folk rock rendition of Blue Sevvin’s Mirror is ready for prime time.

Sehr schön!
Stefan weiterhin erstaunliche Musik erstellen.

Listen and enjoy!

Earth is Burning

Absolutely top notch song writing and vocal performance paired with a backing track that keeps you leaning toward the next measure. This one hearkens back to the day when our music had a conscience and inspired us to do better & be better…


And I wish

Reminiscent of the very best U2 or Remy Zero hip ballads, “And I Wish” features the textural musicianship of urmymuse and the powerful vocal range and lyrics of Loveshadow. “Turn back the clocks, turn back the weeks, turn back the night…” Loveshadow has done it again. And we’re all listening.

Welcome To Quarkstar

As the capsule breaks free of earth’s gravity… feel free to turn your Sennies up to +3db and… GET OFF!!!


Having Fun

Featuring important vocals from the Poet Curious, Ashwan has produced an Irie hip-hop track featuring stems by the talented Scomber and a children’s chorus that sparks the heart. Reminiscent of the most inspirational spoken word tracks by Faithless, “Having Fun” hops with groove while it transforms your soul.