Yin of Yang Uploads!

Editors' Picks

Let Me Breathe Again

Singing from the heart, mykleanthony shares his somber truth with the world. Dysfunction_AL’s dynamic composition tenaciously supports Mykle’s courageous lyrics. Listen with headphones and shut your eyes. It will stir your soul.
Kara Square

I'm in Love

by: Rewob
Happy music! Remixing samples from Little Septahelix Ditty 1, Rewob creates timely uplifting electronic disco dance music that surely gets the body moving.


by: 7OOP3D
Epic, inspiring, and dynamic electro remix. 7OOP3D feature Madam Snowflake’s soulful vocals, Patronski’s passionate lyrics, and Admiral Bob’s soaring guitar solo. Push play and Break the Silence.
Kara Square
Play 8:46


You need a break from the current bad news around you?
Just close your eyes and listen to music made of stardust. Airtone gives you resetting break.
Siobhan Dakay

Count On Me

Wow!!! Zep Hurme Remake/Remix of Prettyybooty aka Count on me is Clean clear and a top notch mix. Truly ear candy for the soul.

Look around

by: sparky
Yes, you can change the world with 3 power chords, and Sparky chose the right ones for this remix of Project Question’s inspired vocals. Break the Silence with this one in any activist playlist.

Look around, boys

Punk alternative rock that sizzles with energy and intensity. Stefan Kartenberg’s remix of Project Question (Lonnie) is a passion fueled anthem for the time. “Put your weapons down!”
Kara Square

Love is my Road (Back to You)

Alternative pop perfection with an epic build, dramatic orchestration, and mighty vocals. Siobhan Dakay’s remix of Admiral Bob has a classic folk ballad feel with modern sonic sensitivity.
Kara Square


by: sparky
Sparky’s Remix is powerful with a powerful message. A DnB / rock remix with energy to go. Sparky’s makes great use of the samples and edits both vocals to enhance the backing track.
Impressive work, impressive remix and impressive production.

I Am a Man

With her deep bass and groove along Haskel’s oh-so tasty guitar tones, Sackjo amplifies Mikey Burnz powerful voice for all to hear. We march with our fists in the air while we listen. I can’t breathe!!!

Like the Rain

Combine some hip little kids and a blistering funk groove with Apoxode’s penchant for masterful editting with wit and soulful vibey-ness, et voila’:

The all-time fun track for this Summer!


Break the Silence

Powerful and touching. Madam Snowflake gives us a deep message about the world in which we live in. She gives us hope about the possibility of change. With samples from 700P3D and Acrylicbathhouse.
Break the Silence and be the change.

Perfect Storm - Kara Square and Piero Peluche

This remix is a perfect storm of pop sensibilities and poignant lyrical content. In a playlist between Beyonce’s Black Parade and John Lennon’s Instant Karma, it stands on it’s own, and that says much more than I can say. Download it here and/or stream it on Spotify.

I Can't Breathe (septahelix remix)

Dynamic ambient trip-hop that shines a light on the protests. Take a moment to contemplate and chill.
Kara Square

Full Moon Bathtub (Breaks Mix)

Breakbeats lifting ambient tones make “Full Moon Bathtub (Breaks Mix)” a must have for any atmospheric dance playlist this summer (even if you’re dancing alone pandemic style). Apoxode’s detailed production features AcrylicBathHouse’s samples — a perfect pairing.