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Double Sunset

Layered rhythms, propulsive beat — Apoxode masterfully remixes a bevy of ccMixter artists to create an electronic dance track you can’t sit down to.

No Way

Raja serves up milkdaddy’s lyrics in a most delightfully relaxing way. This downtempo chill electronic pop mix is surely easy listening.

Time 2 Move Along (featuring pneuman)

No ambiguity in the message. John Louis Kluck creates a smooth spatial arrangement for pneuman to say it is time to move along.

Really Really Weird

Retrowave with a modern touch. From start to finish, Dan Mantau takes an all but forgotten stem pack from simplecarnival and brings it to life in the style of mid-80s Synthpop. Let your weird flag fly as you sway to the funk.


Hans Atom’s stellar, head bobbing, soft pop-rock mix of Brad Sucks’ Dirtbag tells a tale of, at least, one modern man. Cheerless message within an enthralling song.

Not Yet Crossing

This funky track jumps outta the speakers! SackJo22 takes RizKeyG’s bass and beats, sizzling custom electric guitar from Ezra Skull and adds her spoken word plus a sung chorus complete with harmonies to create an infectious and conscious remix. Push play to energize your day!
Kara Square

Only Love

Chill pop rock that’s full of love! Raja_ffm’s downtempo remix of Shannon Hurley’s beautiful love-filled vocals is ready for adult alternative radio stations everywhere.
Kara Square


Melodic trip hop with ethereal vocals and crisp beats. Bernard L’ermite’s downtempo remix of Snowflake’s captivating vocals will pull you in and keep you entranced.
Kara Square


A psychedelic tour de force filled with power! Zenboy’s dynamic and mezmerizing arrangement includes the rich dreamy voice of Kara Square on vocals with back up and blazing guitars from Spinningmerkaba. Bravo to all!
Play When


Rocking hip-hop with new wave goth vibes. Give thanks for all you’ve been gifted with Hans Atom’s remix of vocals by Adisa McKenzie and L.Cooper. This jumps out of the speakers… take a listen!
Kara Square

Rorate Caeli/Kyrie Eleison

by: Speck
Modern worldbeat with a medieval vibe. With an inspired call and response vocal pairing, Speck creates an ethereal atmosphere for Admiral Bob and jacindae by using musical elements from Stefan Kartenberg, Javolenus, and Bluemillenium.

The Great Divide

Sacred new age ambience. Inspired by Admiral Bob’s “Rorate Caeli,” Radiontheshelf wrote the lyrics for and produced this tribute to a coming saviour, subtle in its narrative with a strong focus on the music. Features Admiral Bob performing an actual Gregorian Chant.
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