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What A World (feat. I Rebel)

Producer Wiseman incorporates classic reggae and dub elements in this clean arrangement of IRebel’s powerful vocal.

Kaer Trouz - Falls Through Walls (80s edit)

by: dotjot
Retrowave with a somber glow. dotjot takes us back to the future with this outstanding remix of Kaer Trouz’ “Falls Through Walls.” The essence of synthwave vibrates throughout this halcyonic voyage.

WatchOut Now

RizKeyG messes around with Forensic to get on down and wake the people up. Bass heavy hip-hop club music to move your groove and move your feet.

Shining Bright

With the bass, drums and piano upfront, Darkroom weaves a captivating groove. Experience a neighborhood awakening and the rhythmic day that unfolds.

I Need to Calm Down.(feat. Junior Paes)

by: Rewob
Rewob, Junior Paes and Jaspertine deliver a sweet, mellow, collaborative, radio ready song encouraging us all to stay calm. Listen and chill out!


Radioontheshelf’s last remix for 2023 combines Loveshadow’s recitation of Christina Georgina Rossetti’s poem “Remember” with hpynotic beeps, blirbs, adlibs and a choir. The result is a must-hear downbeat song one can hear over and over again.


Radioontheshelf, Narva9 and the boys and girls send out a wonderful collaborative musical message of hope that world leaders can resolve the continuing horrors of man’s inhumanity to man.


Holiday jingle with a mod-rock feel. Zenboy1955 brings an AT track back from the vault (“Harpsithingy”) and resplendently gives it a holiday shine. Enjoy this delightful ear candy today — tinsel and mistletoe not included :)

Crime Scene

Acid jazz with an environmental message. Listen as Radioontheshelf creates an extraordinarily detailed backing track by Snowflakes’s impassioned plea for climate awareness. Lose yourself in this dreamy call for accountability.

The Seventh Day Seraphim

by: Anchor
Ambient ode with a subtle lamentation. Using Incardine’s “Seraphim (The Seventh Day Remix),” Anchor weaves the music (with contributions from his sister) with an impassioned ode to the spirit of the season.

Under the Stars

by: 7OOP3D
Celestial trip-hop with global concern. 7OOP3D bring the electro rock vibes to this highly nuanced backing track for Madam Snowflake’s “Under the Stars.” Resonate with Snowflake’s message today with this dramatic remix.

The Night Before Christmas

Festive holiday jingle with a dash of nostalgia. texasradiofish invite you to enjoy SackJo22’s wonderful reading of “The Night Before Christmas” with this joyful remix for the holiday season. Bundle up and relive the legend of St. Nick today!
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