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ccMixter Community Resilience: Add Your Perspective

permalink   Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 12:23 PM
As many of you know, during the final week of the Waking Dreams Secret Mixter our site was viciously attacked by robots. ccMixter was brought down multiple times. But hard work, creativity and persistence of the human spirit prevailed — and Upload Day came just the same.

Our tech wizard, admin team, and dedicated community patched together a workaround so we could keep the music flowing. Our creativity shines a light into the dark reality we face if we don’t protect our dreams. We are resilient.

Because we’re still defending the site, streaming and downloading remain slow and difficult. For the Waking Dreams Secret Mixter we created a playlist on Soundcloud for a smoother listening experience. Members continue to recommend and review tracks on We’re exploring similar interim options while we rebuild ccMixter, and we’re working on a roadmap for our future. We will share more with you soon.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Any support you can contribute will help us rebuild more quickly. Become a monthly Patreon member:

Your input as we rebuild is important to us. Your perspective will help us shape our future. What are the most important things about ccMixter to you?

Please reply below.
permalink   Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 1:28 PM
I have no one in real life that listens to my remixes. Without ccmixter, I would lose the community here and its support. I like the inspiration I get from people all around the world. Whenever I make a remix, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I never know where the next remix will take me as I explore the site. My life has been extremely enriched by ccmixter.
permalink   Snowflake Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 6:52 PM
Thank you so much for saying this Septahelix. So grateful our community’s support of your music makes a difference. I love listening to your remixes!
permalink   septahelix Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 7:48 PM
thanks snowflake. I love remixing female vocals - yours especially.
permalink   Kara Square Fri, Sep 16, 2022 @ 5:48 AM
Thank you so much for sharing your music on ccMixter, septahelix. Your creativity inspires me. And I feel similarly to you.
permalink   septahelix Fri, Sep 16, 2022 @ 7:53 AM
Awesome! I have enjoyed remixing your samples, especially your uke and vocals.
permalink   Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 4:54 PM
some idea of or a list of royalty amounts would be nice to see, its been years of talking about a website rebuild but its still the same functional website. Trying to provide for my family as a the only source of income any extra money makes life much less stressful.
permalink   Snowflake Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 6:58 PM
Yes I agree! We share your frustration and your volunteer team is working on this. Expect a more detailed update in the next two weeks. Thanks for your patience!
permalink   grapes Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 9:07 PM
🙏 thank you
permalink   Thu, Sep 15, 2022 @ 11:52 PM
dear snowflake i got an email to my main account which i don’t use for ccmixter anymore but which is now my main account. probably because of ccplus which i don’t use with my current artist account. i was asked by the admins to share my thoughts about ccmixter. since it’s early in the morning and i’m in a working mood… now my thoughts about ccmixter among other things:

today is friday september 16th 2022. it’s 08:00 central european time. i’m listening to one of my commercial songs. it’s awesome. and despite being released on jamendo among others, entrepreneurs don’t put it in a youtube video and wrongly brand it as copyrightfree. and why? because it wasn’t made with an 808 and a drum sample and a synth sample, but because it’s real music and too complex for stolen youtube videos that just take songs from jamendo and take them as copyrightfree. i don’t want to deal with all the copyright implications of such actions, and i’m still a bit attached to jamendo. but as i said my last commercial remixes are musically too complex for beat tinkerers looking for samples for their black beats.

i took a quick look at my incomplete music archive on jamendo and listened to some ccmixter stuff from 8 years ago. despite my chords and melodies that surely found their way into various musical projects of up-and-coming promising bands of the years that didn’t make it out of irrelevance, my songs from back then are of horrible quality. this has only changed since i started using artificial intelligences for mastering about 2 years ago.

and now i’m where i want to be. i make remixes on ccmixter. use them as a basis for my commercial remixes which i then release on the usual streaming platforms. since i use my chords and melodies in creative commons at the beginning of the creative work, i use chords from more or less famous popstars, change them and keep my melodies as simple as possible. so the result is listenable music.

a bit outfashioned as the experts of the websites of ccmixter and jamendo with a connoisseur’s ear will surely hear, but for a marketing agent of a clickbuying company it is different. since she offered to get me into the u.s. charts. i think my music would fit very well into the end of the top 100, disguised as indie junk. no one would notice at the end of the music charts. my costs would be manageable and bearable for me, i suppose with 15,000 dollars in my back.

and now that i know all this. i’m already losing interest in it. i’m sh1tting on the u.s. charts, with their autotune yodeling and mumbled raps and generally the mixture of black music, latino and korean music.

because in the end they are no indicator for the music people listen to, because they are only listened to by clickbots, and therefore also no indicator for quality. what you can also see by the fact that i as a musician in central europe don’t have a clue who is doing his mischief in the charts in the usa. like most people here in europe and the rest of the world.

only the experts from ccmixter and jamendo know that. and they are enthusiastic about the music.

and liz from the klickbuying company, who on the one hand earns money from it and not too little and i guess she has a sober relationship to the music in the charts in general and in particular. because business is business.

and because joe and jane average suspect what is going on in this business, they are more and more disinterested.

just like the author of these lines.

so what is important to me about ccmixter? i use the fundus of acapellas for my inspirations. get a blessing or even a curse from a witch, sorceress or magician here and there and enjoy making music on ccmixter.

ccmixter should only work as it does now and i would be happy already.:)
Kara Square
permalink   Fri, Sep 16, 2022 @ 5:46 AM
Before I joined ccMixter, I felt like my music was in a vacuum. I would release it, a few people would listen, I’d play some shows, sell a few CDs and that was it.

When I discovered ccMixter, suddenly my songs took on a life of their own. People from all over the world transformed them in ways I never dreamt. Suddenly, endless inspiration was available for me to use to create new songs. And I received deep, detailed feedback and positive encouragement that helped develop me into a better songwriter and a better producer.

The more music I gave to the community, the more music the community gave to me. I discovered that ccMxiter is this magical circle of giving and receiving. It’s a microcosm of how the world should be.

ccMixter has expanded my musical mind. It has opened me to sonic art and inspired me to genre hop allllll over the place. I wouldn’t be the songwriter I am today without the ccMixter community.

To me, the most important things about ccMixter are the community and music. I consider ccMixter to be my musical home. And I am beyond excited for our future.

Thank you, everyone.
permalink   septahelix Fri, Sep 16, 2022 @ 7:54 AM
It feels like my musical home too!
Beluga Ten
permalink   Fri, Sep 16, 2022 @ 9:59 AM
In no particular order:

Creating music alongside awesomely talented people from around the world. No travelling and no studio time limits.

A supportive community. Feedback here is constructive and thoughtful, whether it’s positive or negative.

Seeing that my work has meaning and purpose to others, and takes on a life of its own. Not just on this site, but so many places like film theatres, art galleries, video games, Youtube channels and Internet radio stations. Incidentally, let’s not forget that these creators came to ccMixter to find production music, and in some cases pay licencing fees, so we need to look after them.

Legal and IP support. I’ve found non-commercial music from this site (including my own) being pirated and sold on Amazon and iTunes. ccMixter admins helped to get it taken down quickly.

Lastly, I haven’t been as active as I’d like in recent years due to personal circumstances. But each time I’ve come back, it feels like I’ve returned to a familiar place where I fit in.
permalink   Fri, Sep 16, 2022 @ 12:44 PM
I first came to ccMixter to find affordable music to license for theatre sound designs.
When I saw the wealth of original material literally asking to be remixed, I stayed.
There are at least a dozen sites that have royalty-free music but none of them have a community as valuable to me as this one.
I am able to communicate with artists like I do here more so than any other community.

(I could write a novel about what I like and would like to see LOL)
I’ll try to summarize instead :)

1) Original, legal, creative sounds and stems to work with.
2) Honest, constructive feedback from like-minded producers/musicians.
3) Teachers that will tell you where to get free (or at least affordable) software and how to use it.
4) Teachers that demonstrate how to really make your mixes pop!
5) Engaged admins and editors.
6) Shared knowledge, experience, and wisdom.
7) Respect for one another and other people in general. No hate speech or boasting.

As far as what I would like to see added:
Expanded use of tags to refine searches that include key, duration, file type, bit rate, etc.
Algorithm generated “similar artists/songs” when searching acappellas and samples.
-a user curated list might work better, depending on their familiarity with the catalog.

Many thanks to Snowflake and the admin team for reaching out to us, I will always be grateful for that :)
And many thanks for the events and secret mixters, it’s enriching to work together with a theme.

Thanks for reading, have a great day :)

Kind regards,
permalink   Whitewolf Fri, Sep 23, 2022 @ 8:17 PM
What he said!

ccMixter has helped me expand my creativity in ways I couldn’t see 12 years ago, and when the mood strikes to make music, the possibilities that this site and the artists on it, become endless!
permalink   Sat, Sep 17, 2022 @ 7:31 PM
I appreciate all the work you put into ccMixter Snowflake. These are some of the features I would want to see if possible:

* Featured tracks option for each artist page. This would allow the artist to select certain tracks from their page and they would be the first seen by the visitor.

* Better visibility for Highest Rated tracks and Editors’ Picks on the main page.

* This might be a stretch but possibly a suggestion feature for similar artists or songs when a visitor opens the main page. It seems that a remix may be up on the first page of New Remixes for a day or less and then potentially forgotten. This may help distribute the visibility and discovery of artists and remixes.

Thank you Snowflake.
permalink   Tue, Sep 20, 2022 @ 6:49 AM
Ccmixter is fantastic !
It is a loose community, some drop in, some drop out, and you never know when you do a remix, who may pick up on it, what someone might use, what someone might say.
It has certainly changed my way of making music —- for the better !
And as anyone with ears can hear, there are some very talented musicians producing great music here.
Very big thanks to Snowflake and all the admins, technical wizards and others that make it all happen.
The beat goes on !
permalink   Tue, Sep 20, 2022 @ 3:06 PM
Why would anyone even dos ccmixter (҂◡_◡)
I thought hackers were cool
permalink   BeatMachine Tue, Oct 18, 2022 @ 5:20 PM
Quote: VidianWhy would anyone even dos ccmixter (҂◡_◡)
I thought hackers were cool

its the unseen enimies of freedom
permalink   Wed, Sep 21, 2022 @ 5:30 AM
ccMixter is important as a creative outlet—-somewhere to upload your stuff. And if someone else uses your stuff to create something cool, then that’s great. And if your stuff finds its way into a commercial/monetized venture and you get paid, then that’s even better! Just knowing that ccMixter exists is wonderful, and kinda comforting. I think ccMixter is an example of what the Internet was originally designed for—-positive collaboration & sharing.
permalink   Mr_Yesterday Mon, Oct 3, 2022 @ 9:04 PM
Quote: Javolenus…ccMixter is an example of what the Internet was originally designed for—-positive collaboration & sharing.
✊ Right on!
permalink   Tue, Oct 18, 2022 @ 5:16 PM
thanks for bringing this up
the site needs a redisign

hopefully well have the money for it
but we could start a fundraiser

the bots might not stops
keep up the great work

unseen programmers
permalink   Sun, Oct 23, 2022 @ 4:30 AM
Has anyone thought of trying a crowdfunding campaign like at GoFundMe or something to raise extra money for such a worthy website as ccMixter? It may be worth looking into. It may even bring new artists into the fold!