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2018 & upcoming 2019 Creative Commons music project

Ivan Chew
permalink   Thu, Mar 7, 2019 @ 10:06 PM
Published this in Dec 2018. Extremely grateful to my talented friends who gamely took part in this impromptu fun thing that turned out to be an album.

On a whim, I texted my 2 friends if they wanted to play a 30-min song writing challenge. Basic rules: 30 mins to write lyrics; another 30 mins to refine. Then I’ll take the same time to come up with a composition, arrangement. Discuss over email/ text.
1. Ballad of Black Butterflies 04:13
2. Dear Melancholy Heart 02:59
3. Rain On Everything 04:27
4. Pebbles (Instrumental) 02:48

I intend to share the instrumental stems in ccM over the coming months. If any track finds favour by your ears and you’d like to have a go remixing it, I’d be happy to expedite the posting.

I think it helped that my friends deferred the production and music direction decisions to me, so we didn’t have any creative disagreements :)

For 2019, we intend to release one track a month, starting from March. Here’s the first: