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... and a lock of your hair once again wear green when the seasons permit it some yellow would also be fine and please wear the lo
...e ferragamo in your hair and a coat from mcqueen that made people stare the shine on your shoes made you look so devine i was sim
...: texasradiofish - washing machine (pitched up), synth line (quantized to 128) jaspertine - drumbeat 1 (quantized to 128), basslin
..., no delay, in the washington chill, we rise, no dismay, new dreams in the air, we're here to portray, fireworks above, lighting
...low tech rhythmical washing machine. stretched and repitched the audio to fit the two vocal verses. used ujam's finisher micro plugi
...pedal to the metal hairpin turn chased by the devil got rubber to burn driving down my dreams i swerve and turn down this road
the standing ground in my lifetime i have seen many conflicts around the world. from my comfortable armchair i have watched the images u...
not doing homework rubato kind 0f jazzy swing ? probably needs a good washing :d ,sample,media,ccplus,preview,non_commercial,audio,mp3,4...
i thought you needed to know an og in the rock music production world in my neck of the woods, greg s. martin, has been wheelchair-bound ...
...ores and the wheelchair's been returned feel like i'm betraying you every day like i'm tidying your life away your bank statemen
100 paper washingtons qq ,media,remix,bpm_090_095,share_alike,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,elec_rock,
...m with long flowing hair and a smile that bathed me in a light i'd never seen before. but she was much more than just a pretty face
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